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A wealthy businessman offers this unique gift to his community for his daughter's wedding

A wealthy businessman offers this unique gift to his community for his daughter's wedding
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A nice story!

A young woman is getting married and her parents ask her, what does she wants as a wedding gift?

The father of the bride is rich and he can offer her everything she wants! What do you think she will answer? A house? A new car? A great honeymoon! Obviously we imagine these kind of answers!

The next story might surprise you a lot because the father paid for his daughter's beautiful wedding, but he also built 90 small houses for the homeless people in his region. This project is part of the gifts he has given to his daughter for her wedding.

What a generous heart! Take two minutes to read this beautiful story!

90 houses !

Ajay Munot, the father of the bride, is a famous businessman in India. This generous man spent several dollars for the wedding of his daughter but he also offered a truly unique gift to his community by spending some of the money reserved for the wedding of his daughter to build 90 homes for the homeless people of his region.

78 million homeless people

Did you know that there were about 78 million homeless people in India? 11 million are children living on the streets. It's a real problem!

The houses

The houses are very small; they only have one living room, and one bedroom and measure 12 by 20 feet. These small houses also have 2 windows, 2 doors and are painted with joyful colors inside. It is not a palace but at least people are no longer in the street. I imagine that there is also a common place with toilets and showers for the inhabitants (but this is only a supposition on my part).

It is good to know that the businessman made sure that the residents of the small houses also had access to drinking water and that only those in need had access to the small houses.

A good deed

The 90 small homes are located on 2 acres of land. The rich businessman's daughter is very proud of her father's commitment to help the poor in this community. If all the rich people gave generously to help the poor and the homeless people, we would see a greater difference in this world, don't you think?

I wanted to share this beautiful story with you because we often read sad stories, and it feels good to read a story of generosity for once!

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