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Abandoned for almost 20 years, this church was transformed in a house and it's amazing.

Abandoned for almost 20 years, this church was transformed in a house and it's amazing.
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Would you live in this church?

I do not know if you're like me, but I like when people decide to give a second life to old churches that are no longer visited.

This church was abandoned from 1994 to 2013. People decided to renovate the old building to give it a second life.

The church was built in 1920, and now the interior is totally different !

The 5,000 square feet residence features 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a 1 half bathroom !

Come on! Take a look and tell me if it is a good idea to have transformed this church !

Good visit !


I show you the pictures of the outside first. As you can see, this church has a beautiful landscaped garden ! We are not talking about a small church of 60 people, but a huge building !


Step in this church and get ready to be surprised !

Living room

The main room of this church is simply stunning! My eyes are immediately attracted by the beams of the ceiling ! This ceiling is amazing ! You realize pretty quickly that the house does not just have a living room. There is a lot of space here!

Dining room

The open area has two dining areas. Residents are spoiled for choice! I guess the official dining room is the one that is the farthest from the kitchen? In short, here is the first dining room.

Other living room

This second lounge area seems to be used as a lounge to watch TV; the TV is hidden in a piece of furniture.

Other dining room

The room is so big that there is a second dining room!


Is the kitchen big enough for you? I like it but you always have to walk up and down the room to cook!

The kitchen, again

Here are more pictures that show how big the room is! Do you think it's a bit too big?


This room seems to be used as an office.

Open area

This photo shows you the open area: this one is huge!


The church has 4 bedrooms! Here is a first bedroom, with its classic and simple decor, do you like it?

Second bedroom

The second bedroom has a nice arch.

Third bedroom

The third bedroom of this original residence has a romantic atmosphere! Unfortunately, I do not have the pictures of the fourth bedroom.


The pictures of these bathrooms show you that the owners have not skimped on the choice of materials!

Walk-in closet

Would you like to have a big walk-in closet like this?

Other photos, bathrooms

This church has beautiful bathrooms!


Here is another room that seems to be used as an office space too. If you remove the treadmill: it's my favorite room!

Would you live in a church?

What do you think of this transformation? Would you live in a church that has been transformed? What do you think of this one? I am curious to know what you think!

Source: Realtor · Photo Credit: Realtor

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