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Actor Brad Pitt built 109 homes for people in need.

Actor Brad Pitt built 109 homes for people in need.
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When celebrities get involved in good causes

Do you remember hurricane Katrina? The destructive hurricane hit New Orleans in 2005 and ravaged many homes, businesses, and buildings.

Many families were homeless and in the street. Actor Brad Pitt, formerly married to actress Angelina Jolie, was so devastated that he decided to create a foundation, Make It Right, to help rebuild homes for the most devastated inhabitants of New Orleans.

This is not a news, but it is always nice to see that these celebrities are generous and they are involved for the good of others.

Here are some pictures of Brad Pitt's project.

The total devastation

These photos remind us how much New Orleans had been hit hard by this terrible hurricane.

The Make It Right Foundation

The actor was 100% involved in his project to rebuild 109 homes in the most devastated part of the city. The project was not easy, but the actor and his team have never abandoned the residents of New Orleans.

Modern houses

Pitt also used his considerable powers of persuasion to attract some of the world's best architects, including Shigeru Ban, Thom Mayne, and even Frank Gehry, to design some of the contemporary-looking homes. New energy-efficient homes are well-designed while respecting the environment.

Involve the residents of the city

Pitt made sure that residents could choose colors for their homes and then decided how high they wanted them to be built to avoid another flooding. The idea of building houses on stilts will avoid many problems if the water rises again in this neighborhood.


The actor did not hesitate to choose quality materials to build houses. The interior is as nice as the outside!


The models of houses are different but we always find beautiful details! All the homes have new appliances. One could say that they are almost real chef kitchens, with refrigerators and stainless steel stoves, making the interior as inviting as the outside.

Pitt insisted that houses should not be built cheaply to keep people in a "cycle of poverty."

A project that makes all the difference!
In total, the actor built 109 houses for residents.

This project cost $ 26.8 million, one house costs approximately $ 150,000.

The money for the project came from federal loans and grants. We don't known if Pitt used any of his personal income to complete the project, but he certainly gave his time: he was 100% involved in this cause.

It's good to see that there are still people who want to get involved to help the poor. The actor helped several people who had nothing! I take my hat off to this beautiful humanitarian project.

Source: Ipnoze · Photo Credit: Ipnoze

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