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“An orderly house is a sad house”.

“An orderly house is a sad house”.
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Everyone almost sighs in front of superb pictures of ultras homes well decorated and arranged, in magazines or on the Web. How do these people manage to keep such palaces in order? This seems mission impossible and carrying, almost everyone is trying to reach this ideal ...

Professor Mario Sergio Cortella is well known in the educational sciences, especially in Brazil. His wisdom and research make him a valued guest on TV shows and other mediums dealing with the delicate subject of education and applied psychology.

One of the statements of this authority has made many people question themselves:

"An orderly house is a sad house".

But what exactly did this philosopher educator mean?

One suspects that his statement does not praise the disorder. Lack of cleanliness in a home can only hurt these residents.

Professor Cortella speaks here rather of a social tendency; that of trying obsessively to always put everything in order and improve everything all the time.

Social networks are certainly not strangers to this phenomenon ... People are all trying to look like an ideal and not the reality. But we have the impression that everyone has a house or apartment "instagrammable" at all times! Cushions judiciously placed, decorative objects perfectly chosen, sparkling kitchen. It seems that everything must always breathe the aestheticism and zenitude!

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Existence is not perfect; it is made up of a whirlwind of ups and downs, problems that require solutions, more difficult moments ... It is then that the house (and the family it represents) becomes one of the pillars to which it belongs. to hook.

The impression left by a relative on the pillow, the cover left messy on the couch, the dishes left in the kitchen by someone who prepared a quick snack, child toys here and there ... Here are some proofs of living in a house.

Life, Professor Cortella tells us, is composed of vibrations, changes and a lot of disorder!

Desiring to clean and rearrange our house obsessively is the symptom of a society that wants to cover all the defects, which no longer admits the beauty of the exception and imperfection, according to him.

And he probably is not wrong ...

Source: My Astuces · Photo Credit: sidadsa

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