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Before after; see how Chip and Joanna Gaines transformed this 70s house.

Before after; see how Chip and Joanna Gaines transformed this 70s house.
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A ranch-style home

Chip and Joanna have completely changed the facade of this old house built in the 70s and transformed the interior creating an updated house and totally friendly for a couple (Chris and Lindy) ready to settle in this house.

This transformation has: a music room that is dedicated to the husband and a touch of beach all over the house for his wife Lindy.

Here's what the ranch looked like before Chip and Joanna came.

The house had great potential and Joanna rose to the challenge of transforming it into a cozy cocoon for this young couple.

Good visit!

Outside before and after

It's crazy how this house has changed ! See the photo before and after the transformation.

Outside, other picture

Joanna knows how to decorate the outside of a house, so that visitors want to come in and discover the interior.

Living room, before

The living room had wood paneling, laminate flooring and a brick fireplace. Ah, the 70s...!

The living room, after

The fireplace has been completely changed with a more centered position and a new white stone cladding. The dark hardwood floors contrast with the cool gray walls and the sofa and chairs covered with a white cover.

The living room, other picture

The owner, Lindy, loved the beach themes and the atmosphere of the U.S. East Coast, but she wanted to keep it simple (no fishing nets or plastic lobsters). Joanna wanted to approach the theme in a nuanced way. The old wooden paddles from a salvage shop perfectly met Lindy's expectations, suggesting nautical and aquatic touch without being too "beachy".

The kitchen, before

The kitchen was pretty spacious, but it was old and the room was closed. Joanna recommended removing the partition that separated it from the living room and adding a large island.

The kitchen, after

The enlarged kitchen includes a palette of whites and grays, a very long kitchen island with 6 seats, a trio of oversized light fixtures, a new built-in lighting and plenty of storage space.

The dining area

The adjacent small dining area was also surrounded by wood panelling.

A new and larger window, a white table and a chandelier create a welcoming dining area with a view.

The dining room before

The dining room was next to the main entrance, right next to the entrance hall. In the new plan, the dining room is partially divided to create a more separate space and the small room on the other side has been turned into a home office.

The dining room, after

The dining room is another space that refers to the coastal theme, with white planks on the walls, an iron chandelier adorned with jute, a wooden dining table and a frame with seashells.

Office space

Here is the office space which is not far from the dining room

The music room

An existing garage has been turned into a music room and studio for Chris. New drywall, baseboards and trim were added, along with more masculine touches, including a very dark hardwood floor, industrial shelves, leather and wood chairs, and an oversized ceiling fan.

Master bedroom

Just like in the other rooms of the house, the design has been maintained to create nuanced references to the beach and the ocean.

Bathroom, before

The existing bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom was small and a little bit old. Joanna and Chip decided to enlarge it using an adjacent bedroom.

Bathroom, after

The new main bathroom includes an oversized glass shower, two sinks, reclining mirrors and a very modern gray tile.

What do you think ?

How do you find this transformation ? Isn't it a beautiful house now ? Do you have a favorite room ? It's hard to choose; the house is so beautiful!

Source: HGTV · Photo Credit: HGTV

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