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Create your own terracotta little garden using 11 flower pots

Create your own terracotta little garden using 11 flower pots
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If you see sandstone pots on sale, grab as many pots as you can: this idea requires a LOT of pots, but the results are spectacular.

I begin by showing you what the assembly looks like once it’s done.


Gorgeous, isn't’ it? I would really like to do the same thing, it’s pretty simple: we need a lot of sandstone pots and hot glue.

With 22 jars of 6-inch sandstone, you will be able to make a big assembly: you will have to make the assembly where you want to have it, because it is really heavy!

Arrange 11 pots in a circle by touching each other.

Glue all the pots together.

 Add 8 pots on the low row and glue all the pots together, adding glue to retain the 2 rows.

As it is very heavy, you also could add glue in tube between the pots. That’s what the man in this example has done.

Add the last 3 pots on the top, and of course, glue it well!


To make a little ball, you will need 20 pots of 2 inches to have a half-moon, so 40 in total to make a small ball!

This is the same principle: we start with a first circle of small pots, we glue them, we make a 2nd row, etc.

Every half-moon looks like the one of the big assembly, but the trick is that you can put them on top of each other to make a nice ball.

Look how beautiful it is once plants are placed!



You can see the assembly of the two sizes here in this video.

Source: Trucs & Bricolages · Photo Credit: Trucs & Bricolages

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