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Discover the beautiful interior of this residence built in 1800.

Discover the beautiful interior of this residence built in 1800.
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This spectacular house was built in 1800 then renovated and lovingly transformed over the years.

The house has a beautiful view of the water and beautiful large rooms. Have you ever had the chance to walk in this municipality? The houses are sublime and the landscape enchanting.

Here is your chance to satisfy your curiosity by visiting this house for sale at the price of $2 695 000.

This is a residence with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a washroom and a gorgeous piece of land.

I invite you on a tour of this beautiful house, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Enjoy the view!


Start with the heart of a house: the kitchen. The room, equipped with high-end appliances, overlooks the back yard and the river. I like the choice of cream cupboards and cabinets, you?


Believe it or not, here is the dining area; in the solarium. The picture was taken in winter but imagine now what it should look like in the summer with the this view! This is my favorite part of this residence.

Dining room

The dining room offers residents and guests an elegant place to dine with family and friends. Did you notice the piano at the back of the room?

The living room
The lounge offers a nice place to relax while watching TV or playing a game of billiards!
See how these original stone walls add an authentic touch to this washroom.
Since we are talking about washrooms, what do you think of the bathrooms in this house? This one has 4 in total! We see that each has a special ambiance and that they have been renovated and transformed with special attention to detail.

Bathrooms, continued...

I think that, out of all the bathrooms, this one is my favorite.

Did you know that this residence had 4 bedrooms? The north wing of the house has a suite with a beautiful raised roof and a boudoir that gives the impression of being on holiday in a cottage somewhere in Europe. The second picture shows the north wing room. I am crushing on the stone wall that has been preserved.


Here is the boudoir in question adjacent to the suite of the north wing. Superb, no?

Home theater
The basement of the house has a home theater with projector.


The backyard of the house is arranged to accommodate the family and enjoy this charming place. There is even a small outdoor kitchen.

Other photos
This completes the visit of this house built in 1800. What do you think? Is it not surprising with its decor and ambiance? I am completely spellbound by this residence.
For more information click on the link at the bottom of the article. I can not wait to read your comments. For more information on selling this home, click on the link at the bottom of the article.

Source: My paint · Photo Credit: My paint

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