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Discover this beautiful tiny house, there's even a surprise in the floor.

Discover this beautiful tiny house, there's even a surprise in the floor.
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The Ébène

The Ébène, is the name of the latest creation of "Minimaliste". "Minimaliste" is a company located in Canada that specializes in the construction of tiny houses, and tiny houses on wheels.

Their latest creation is absolutely fantastic! The house was built for a couple, in Ontario, Canada, who wanted a home with all the amenities found in conventional residential constructions.

This 10.5 x 34 residence is impressive with its interior ! The house was built to cope with extremely cold temperatures. The house even has hydronic heating floor system!

Take a look at this beautiful tiny house! I think you will be pleasantly surprised by this one!

The living room

The living room provides a nice space to sit and relax near the fireplace.There is no television but as you can see, you can install one above the electric fireplace. And you can see the pretty little table that can be used for eating or for other activities. The table can accommodate up to 6 people.

The kitchen

The kitchen, is even more beautiful than those in traditional apartments. It features plenty of storage !

The kitchen, again

The Ébène house is fully electrical. The couple from Ontario is lucky to have access to electricity. The main advantage is the stability and reliability of the system. In addition, a propane water heater is always a little less reliable than a conventional electrical water heater.

The kitchen of this tiny house is very big, so 2 or 3 people can cook without feeling too cramped.


The bedroom is above the living room. It's a cozy and very functional place. Access to the bedroom is via the staircase which also provides storage; it's always appreciated in a tiny house. The bedroom is bright.


The bathroom has all the elements of a conventional bathroom: a vanity, a standard 30×60 bath-shower and toilet.

The bathroom even has a space to install a washer and dryer! There is also a ceiling fan. It's really nice, don't you think?

Washer, dryer

Here is the small space to install the washer and dryer; it's great, right? We easily forget that we are in a tiny house.

Other photos

I leave you with other photos of this incredible tiny house! Would you live in a tiny house like this? What do you think? I really like this tiny house.

If you wish to receive more information, click on the link at the end of the article.

Don't forget that the house has 2 lofts! This tiny house is really amazing !

Source: Minimaliste houses · Photo Credit: Minimalist houses

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