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Discover this huge 6-stories house in California!

Discover this huge 6-stories house in California!
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A 51,000 square foot house for sale!

Just as you would never dare to judge a book by its cover, you should never judge a manor by its aerial view. Because yes, at first glance, Hacienda de la Paz (this is the name of the house) looks like a typical property in Rolling Hills, California, but to most people's surprise, this house does not only have 'one story but 6 (this residence is really surprising).

Aside from its chameleon-like ability to blend in with the other homes in its community, this place is really different from anything I've ever seen. In total, this mega mansion spans 51,000 square feet, a measly 4,000 square feet smaller than the White House (which has about 55,000 square feet).

Come discover more about this incredible home that was placed for auction on July 26, 2018.

Hacienda de la Paz

Hacienda de la Paz is a house that surprises a lot. John Z. Blazevich, a wealthy importer, faced many restrictive building codes in the neighborhood that prevented him from "building up." With the help of Spanish architect Rafael Manzano Martos, Blazevich's previously single story home gained five more stories, all but the first are located below the surface!

9 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms

This incredible home has 9 bedrooms: a lot of space for cousins and even uncles and aunts that we don't often see (I'm kidding of course!).

The house also has many fountains and gardens. In fact, an "artist in residence spent a decade painting elaborate frescoes around the property and bedroom ceiling murals." Yes, TEN YEARS!

Swimming pool

A residence like this one had to have a swimming pool! But wait, that's not all!

Tennis courts

Oh! I should not forget to mention that the residence has an outdoor tennis court and an indoor tennis court (convenient for rainy days). The indoor court was designed to also be a ballroom.

A garage for 6 cars

We can't see it but the house has a garage for 6 cars!

A hammam

In addition, there is a 10,000 square feet hammam !

The indoor swimming pool

Fun fact: the entire design of the spa (pool) is an original work of the world famous architect, Raphael Manzano Martos. He and Blazevich had the sandstone ceilings, columns, and archways crafted by nomadic families in the Moroccan desert.

53 million in 2013

The house was on the real estate market in 2013, for $ 53 million. Impossible to know for how much money the house was auctioned. I guess wealthy people do not want to know how much they spent for this unique residence! It's a shame because I have no other photos to show you: I guess that people interested in buying this house could see the whole house, but the owner did not want to share too many photos to keep some privacy.

Would you like to live in 5-stories house? I woudn't.

Source: House beautiful · Photo Credit: House beautiful

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