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Do you know about the Moja Pod?

Do you know about the Moja Pod?
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Visit the luxurious bathroom of this house!

Here is the "Moja Pod", a container home prototype making its mark in Nairobi, Kenya. Who knows, maybe we'll see it in North America someday?

According to Business Daily Africa, Kwekwe Kivutha and Jeremy Moses, the architectural duo behind Two x Four Design, showcased their new creation at the Afrika Handmade 2016 symposium.

Crowds were attracted by this shipping container with a luxury interior. It is true that looking at the small house, it does not look like a shipping container. The house has a contemporary look, don't you think? The exterior is actually lined with cement fiber boards, which are both fire resistant and waterproof. I thought about sharing the photos with you because the design of this shipping container house is amazing!

Take a look!


The shipping container house has a very modern look with its rectangular panels and windows. I like the idea of covering the metal of the container with a more modern material.


Keep in mind that the house is not very big but still ergonomic. The kitchen features a small countertop with a two burner stove, a sink and, I think, a mini-fridge hidden somewhere in one of the cabinets.

Living room

The living room has two large sofas that turn into bed: since the small house does not have a bedroom. The designers have chosen to prioritize the main living space.


But the most impressive piece of the Moja Pod is probably the bathroom. Here you will find a large shower, a toilet and a vanity. This is a trendy and contemporary decor. I didn't expect such a beautiful bathroom with such a big shower in a shipping container house!

Do you like the concept?

What do you think of the Moja Pod? Do you like its interior? I love the choice of materials but I would have liked a small bedroom. The bathroom impresses me a lot though.

I do not know the price of a Moja Pod, but if it is affordable it may be a solution for people who can not afford to live in a real home and pay the fees? I invite you to leave us your comment!

Do you like the concept, or not at all?

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