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Do you think this tiny house would make a great house for guests?

Do you think this tiny house would make a great house for guests?
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Walk inside a lovely tiny house built with comfort in mind !

Just because a house is tiny does not mean that the owner can't have some comfort and luxury.

" Tiny House Nation " is a TV show that proves that size does not always matter, it's creativity that counts !

According to the " Tiny House Nation " website, the show's co-hosts, John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, travel around America helping people turn 500 square feet (46 square meters) or less into their dream space.

I think this tiny house would make a great guest house. Take a look and tell me what you think !

Entryway, living room

Since this house is not built from mass-produced plans, it has a custom design and many architectural elements and furniture are also custom built to meet the needs of the occupants of the house. The small seating area has a couch that seems comfortable.

The sleeping loft

The sleeping loft has a TV, and the wall space outside the loft has been turned into a great place for shelves. A ceiling fan circulates the air in the tiny space, helping regulate the temperature. We imagine our guests enjoy this place !


Here is the bedroom. There is a piece of furniture to store clothes and a small cage for a pet.


The area under the stairs has built-in cubbies for additional storage. A microwave/convection oven is above the sink, and two mini-refrigerators ensure you have plenty of storage space for cold items.


The bathroom is a work of art. The shower is on one side, and on the other side there is a composting toilet. The tiny vanity catches the eye; it is so cute !

Washer, dryer

Your guests can even wash their clothes ! This is very practical !

Do you like this tiny house ?

So ? What do you think of this tiny house ? Wouldn't it be perfect to receive friends or family for a weekend ? I think this tiny house is really cute !

Feel free to leave me your impressions !

Source: Smaller living · Photo Credit: Smaller living

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