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Elderly couple receives letter from neighbours calling their home an “eyesore”.

Elderly couple receives letter from neighbours calling their home an “eyesore”.
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Last July, Jimmy Curcuru received an anonymous letter.

"Please paint me" read the letter that called the house "eyesore" or "horror." It was simply signed “Your neighbors”.

Jimmy Curcuru was insulted to have received such a letter, especially since the person didn't even sign it! He told CNN that the person  "didn't have the nerve to sign it."

Jimmy who is 71 years-old, had lived in his house with his wife Marilyn, 72, for over 50 years. But due to health issues and financial hardship, the Gloucester, Massachusetts couple had failed to make all the repairs they wanted over the years.

Jimmy's daughter told CNN that her father had a heart attack, had quadruple bypass surgery in 2006, and developed kidney problems afterward. While Marilyn had been bedridden for four years because of multiple sclerosis.

I used to enjoy working on the house when I could, but now it's hard for me to do it," Jimmy told The Post. "It's not a good idea for me any more to get up on a ladder."

When the couple's daughter, Michelle Curcuru Baran, heard what had happened, she decided to post this story on Facebook:

"To my concerned neighbor, thank you for letting me know my house needs to be painted," she wrote. "Guess what? I know. I've been working on it for almost four years.

"I myself always drive by houses that look like mine and wonder what's up in their lives," she added. "I don't judge them not knowing what they may be going through."

People immediately offered their help to repaint the house. Even the mayor wanted to help!

A fundraising campaign was launched to help the elderly couple pay for renovations to their home. The money should be used to paint the house, but also to change the windows and repair the roof.

To this day, over $ 55,000 has been raised through donations from more than 1,000 people.

“I donated because we all need a little more kindness! Commented a donor.

Another wrote: "The real eyesore is the pathetic, ignorant, cowardly neighbor that left the note. I wish you all the best. Peace."

We wish the best to Marylin and Jimmy! 

Source: Insider · Photo Credit: Facebook/Go Fund Me

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