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Guess who pays $ 25,000 per month to live in this West Hollywood home.

Guess who pays $ 25,000 per month to live in this West Hollywood home.
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$ 25,000 per month

When you think about it, $ 25,000 a month is a lot of money! We have a little fun today: I show you the pictures of this beautiful residence and you try to guess which celebrity and her lover are paying $ 25,000 per month to live here.

This will make you discover a beautiful contemporary home in one of the most private and exclusive neighborhoods in West Hollywood.

Come on! I let you visit this beautiful house the time you guessed who lives here!

Good visit.

Built in 2013

The home is not very old: it was built in 2013! The backyard is very pretty with its pool and spa. There is also a covered terrace: the perfect place for parties with friends.

Hint: the young woman who lives here with her lover is 22 years old.

Entrance, open area

The people who enter this luxurious residence, are welcomed by a huge open area! I personally lobe the stairs and its banister.

Living room

The living room offers a clean, trendy decor, without flashy colors. We also notice that the living room has a lot of natural light thanks to the big windows opening to the outside.

Hint: the young celebrity living here is a model.


The kitchen is decorated in the same colors as the rest of the house. The kitchen has a large center island made of Caesarstone that offers plenty of space to cook.

Dining room

The dining room also manages to maximize seating space by incorporating a sleek bench on one side of the table.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom has a large adjacent bathroom as well as custom closets, perfect for the impressive clothing collection of our young celebrity.

Hint: her sister is very popular.

Adjacent bathroom

The adjacent bathroom is beautiful! It includes Italian tiles, a large glass shower and a deep soaker tub. The choice of materials makes this bathroom very elegant.


Right next to the master bedroom is a large, sunny balcony that offers great views of the city.


This contemporary residence has 4 bedrooms, they are all beautiful.

Hint: the whole family has been part of an American reality show for several years.

Have you guessed who lives here?

I must admit that this house is very beautiful. There are touches of color here and there, but it's always very nice. The rooms have good dimensions !

Did you guess who lives in this house? The answer is: Kendall Jenner. The young half-sister of the famous Kim Kardashian, rents this house for $ 25,000 a month. This fact will not change your life, but you have visited a very beautiful home! How do you find it?

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