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Here are unprecedented photos showing Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 6, playing with her life-size dollhouse.

Here are unprecedented photos showing Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 6, playing with her life-size dollhouse.
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Never before published photos

Incredible images appeared of a young princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) playing in front of her life-size doll house with her sister Margaret in the 1930s.

The opulent miniature house, dubbed "The Little House," was donated to the future Queen on behalf of the "people of Wales" on the occasion of Elizabeth's sixth birthday, in 1932.

The keys of the house were given to her mother, the Duchess of York, and the black and white archival photos show Princess Elizabeth and her sister Margaret posing in front of the "little" house.

The dollhouse, which is 24 feet long, eight feet deep with rooms five feet high, has been moved to the grounds of the Royal Lodge of Windsor where the house is still located today. Note that the dollhouse was designed by architect Edmund Willmott.

For the pleasure of seeing this impressive children's home, here are the unpublished photos of the young princess Elizabeth.

Hours of fun playing in the house

We see here the people at work for the construction of the small house. She had her own doorbell and welcome mat with a sign over the door saying "Y Bwthyn Bach" (the little house, in Welsh). Elizabeth and her sister spent hours playing in this house.

In another shot, we see a young Elizabeth with her doll carriage in front of her little house.

The house is on fire

The construction of this house is not without its own history, because, when the house was in transit, the protective tarp caught on fire, destroying the thatched roof and a lot of wood.

Fortunately,Sea Insurance Companyhad issued a £750 fire damage policy on the building and £500 on the contents!

Images show the craftsmen working day and night to repair the damage.

Elizabeth and her dogs

We see that the princess already loved animals at a very young age. She is seen here in 1936 playing with the family dogs with her younger sister.

From generation to generation

In 2012, The BBC's three-part series "The Diamond Queen" celebrating the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II on the throne, featured an episode entitled "The Little House", in which presenter Andrew Marr visited the princess Beatrice in the house.


Beatrice oversaw her complete renovation over the course of a year. The restoration would have been paid by her father, the Duke of York, who has resided at the Royal Lodge since 2004. Beatrice was seduced by the cottage, adding, as a child, that she added her own teddy bears to the house. sofa in the living room (in the picture) and the addition of flowers and patterns according to the wishes of the queen.

The kitchen

There is a replica of a gas stove and pans. Just next door is a washing machine. As the house has been used from generation to generation, I dare to imagine the hours of fun that children have had in this unique dollhouse.

A picture of the family

Here is a picture of Queen Elizabeth's family in front of the house in question.

The contents of the house

The contents included a tiny radio, a small oak chest of drawers and a blue and gold miniature porcelain set. There was also a set of napkins with the letter "E" embroidered on it and a portrait of the queen's mother (the Duchess of York) hung over the fireplace in the dining room.

A house with a beautiful history

The young children of Prince William and Kate will have the chance to play in this house as well as the future children of Prince Harry and Meghan. I am still stunned by the grandeur of this dollhouse.

Source: Daily Mail · Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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