Houses : Here is what happens when house owners are not afraid to use their imagination for decoration.
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Here is what happens when house owners are not afraid to use their imagination for decoration.

A nice decor!

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A house in California

When I spotted this newly remodeled home in Manhattan Beach, California, on Pinterest, I knew I had to see the rest of it.

This house is decorated with shades of blue in almost every room, but I particularly liked the turquoise tiles in the kitchen.

I must admit that the owners are not afraid of colors and textures and the result is surprising!

Let’s take the tour and tell me if you like their audacity!

Good visit!


We can not deny the fact that the first time we see this house, we want to discover more about it.


The staircase has beautiful details in the banister and the slate risers are really nice.

Girl's room

Don't you think this girl's room is really cute? Thanks to the colors and the white furnishings, the room is really warm and cozy. This room is really bright thanks to the large doors of the balcony.


Admit that this bathroom is beautiful ! I like the blue tiling of the shower and the blue vanity unit. Do you like the decor of this house so far?

Boy's room

The owners were really not afraid of colors in this boy's room! The room is patriotic with blue, white and red; we must not forget that the house is in the United States.

Other bathroom

This bathroom is decorated in the same colors as the bathroom shown previously. I like this color for a bathroom and you?

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is one of the few rooms in the house that does not have blue color. What a beautiful bedroom isn't it? What about the pretty adjacent balcony? The textured wallpaper brings a nice touch to the bedroom.


Even the stairs are very original !


Wow! Wow! Wow! We do not often see kitchens with blue backsplashes but I must say that it looks very nice in this kitchen! What a beautiful kitchen, right? The style of the cabinets is classic but the blue chandeliers and backsplash bring a surprising touch to the kitchen.

The backsplash

Because it's really unique, here is a picture showing the backsplash more closely. Would you dare to have backsplash like this?

Dining Area

And this dining area? Isn't it cute? Green and blue colors are beautiful.

Living room

The family room is bright and airy with the high ceilings and doors that open for indoor-outdoor living.

Dining room

The dining room also opens to the terrace. There is also the blue color here and there, in armchairs, chandelier and utensils!

The courtyard patio

Pretty, nice and colorful! Do you like it?


The house has another terrace with jacuzzi, some sunbeds and a barbecue. I agree that this place is not huge but I think this is lovely, and you?

The getaway beach house!

This was designed as a "getaway beach house". The happy homeowners enjoy a nice house, with lots of rooms, and a sensational decor!

Now that you have visited this house, what do you think of the blue color that we find everywhere (or almost) in this house? I must say that I like the feeling that emanates from this house, I have the impression of being on vacation!

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