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Ladies, would you like to have a “She Shed”?

Ladies, would you like to have a “She Shed”?
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Make a little corner for yourself in the yard!

We all know the famous "Man Cave", right? The men have their basement, or a room in the basement which is equipped with a big television, comfortable armchairs and elements of decoration in relation with the sport.

But what about women? Do we have a small room just for us? A quiet place to get away from everyday life, to do an activity we like?

We share with you 8 tips, so you can build a "She Shed" in the backyard of your home.

This room can be used during spring, summer and even part of autumn!

Good reading!

First tip

Have you conveniently "forgotten" to clean up the cluttered old shed of the backyard? Creating a "She Shed" is the motivation to finally do it.

Check all these old tools and garden boxes, then give what you do not need and organize the rest for storage. You don't have an old shed in the yard? There are small "kits" that you can buy online, or in home center stores, so you can build a small shed just for you!

Second tip

Transform the outside of your shed, "She Shed" with bright colors! Entering in a shed that is decorated with bright colors, it's more interesting than entering in a brown cabin! But once again, it's up to you! You can choose neutral colors! The most important thing is to personalize your little shed.

Third tip

Give a function to your little shed!

The idea behind the "She Shed" is to have a quiet space that allows you to have a hobby that is important to you. Stylist Donna Jenkins took advantage of the place in her backyard by using it as a potting shed, where she spends time gardening. For other people, it's a place to read, write, paint ...

Fourth tip

Decorate your "She Shed" by looking for objects in flea markets ! Decorating a "She Shed" is not about spending a lot of money. You can create a relaxing and comfortable space without spending a fortune! So, shop at flea markets and antique shops for unexpected discoveries!

Fifth tip

Surround yourself with nature! Place your shed in an isolated place and surround it with plants, vines and planters! This helps to create a quiet atmosphere, perfect for establishing a quiet place. Keep in mind that you do not have to do this if you do not like plants, flowers and vegetation!

Sixth tip

Make a welcoming entry, especially if you are planning to have a few friends with a nice glass of wine in your little shed! Why not install lights?

Seventh tip

What better place to receive girls before going out at the restaurant?

Remember to add a mini-fridge and have some essentials for snack foods.

Last tip

I conclude by saying that it is important that this space looks like you. After all, you're going to use it, right? You want a place to paint? So, make the shed for your hobby. Do you like to read? Arrange it for you and your needs! I'm not lucky to have a space like this but I dream of having one and you?

Source: Country living · Photo Credit: Country living

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