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Minnesota will pay you to take cares of the bees!

Minnesota will pay you to take cares of the bees!
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According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) the population of bees has fallen by almost 90% over the past few decades. The bumblebee or Bombus affinis used to "buzz" around 28 states of U.S. and two provinces of Canada, but unfortunately by 2017 there is only small scattered populations left in 13 states and only one Canadian province. 

The FWS thinks that the unsteady state of the bees is because of decrease of grassland habitats, disease and pesticides. The Bombus affinis even became the first bumblebee listed on the Endangered Species Act. 

That is why Governor Tim Walz, the governor of Minnesota, signed a bill that includes $900,000 to make more bee-friendly spaces. Governor Walz actually wants to share a portion of the money to resident who makes effort to make their property more bee-friendly. To do so, you have to add small flowers, trees and shrubs yo your yard. It is encouraged to plant anemones and wild lupine, bee balm and purple prairie clover. These blooms will attract the bees throughout spring, summer and fall. 

In exchange of your effort, the state will refund you for 75% to 90% of the cost you incur to make your garden bee-friendly. The project is set to be up and running by this spring 2020. 

Will you make your garden more bee-friendly for the spring season?

Source: atlas obsucra · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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