Houses : People pay to sleep in these shipping containers, but take a look at the inside before judging them.
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People pay to sleep in these shipping containers, but take a look at the inside before judging them.

Discover this Texas accommodation rather unique!

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Texas hotel

In case you couldn't tell, we have a thing for tiny homes, whether sheds, campers, or even upcycled shipping containers: all this is fascinating.

That's why we share with you the images of the Flophouze Hotel in Round Top Texas, an inn made entirely of shipping containers.

One might think that the interior of containers is cold and a bit ugly but that is not the case at all, I even think that you will be pleasantly surprised by the decor of these.

Good visit.

6 containers

Flophouze features a fleet of six containers that have been recycled and transformed into cozy accommodations using materials reclaimed from all over the United States.

$ 175

With rates starting at $ 175 per night, each container is like a tiny house with a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. And outside, you'll enjoy amenities like Adirondack chairs and hammocks, grills, fire pits and soon a pool. Yes, even the hotel pool will be made from an old shipping container.

Living room

You did not expect such a decor, did you? The presence of wood on the walls brings a nice touch to the living room. The materials have been recycled and come from many locations across the United States.


As I mentioned earlier, all the containers have a kitchenette. The cabinets come from a Brooklyn lab and the countertops were made from floors of an old Texas bowling alley that was demolished.


The bedrooms all have a unique look because they all have different materials. These bunk beds are perfect for kids. A double bed (not seen in the photo) also shares the same space.


Did you know that everything inside the container is also for sale? So if you fall in love with an object, a frame, a light or anything else, just inquire about the price, you could buy it! The bathroom has a fairly good size with a shower.

Other photos

Get ready to disconnect from everyday life because there is no television in the containers, but they are equipped with record players and vinyl..

Do you want to go there?

Would you like to sleep in a container ?

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