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See how Chip and Joanna Gaines transformed this house from the 1950s

See how Chip and Joanna Gaines transformed this house from the 1950s
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They gave this house a new life

Chip and Joanna helped a mother move to Waco to get closer to her two grown sons. They worked hard to transform this beige bungalow which did not really have much personality.

Joanna has put her touch everywhere in the decor of this house and the result is truly impressive!

We invite you to discover the before and after pictures!

Enjoy the show!


The small beige bungalow was very well located on a corner lot with dimensions of 1600 square feet; the size was ideal for the client. Although the house overall was in good condition, its plain brown exterior was unappealing.

Exterior - After

Natural-colored wood shingles and coordinated front door, gray exterior paint, white trim and landscaping give the house a distinctive, chalet-style feel.

Living-room - Before

The living room, before its transformation, had a fireplace that did not work and gray textured walls that did not please the owner.

Living-room - After

In the new floor plan, the chimney was removed and an opening to the dining room was moved. A cloakroom just inside the front door has been added. The closet door, like the other interior doors of the house, is painted black and equipped with a vintage handle.

The living room, another angle

The living room had a hardwood floor (oak) which was in good condition. Chip simply sanded and repainted the floor to make it look new.

The living room, another angle, after

Joanna decorated the living room with a neutral color palette, light shades and decorative accessories in shades of blue and gray, offering a nice contrast to the dark wood floor. Caution! You just might fall in love!

Room adjacent to the kitchen

This room adjacent to the kitchen offered several possibilities.

The room, after, wow!

The modified floor plan incorporated what had been a porch at the back of the house, closing the space and transforming it into an office and laundry room adjacent to that room. The two spaces are separated by a half wall with integrated open shelves, visible and accessible from both rooms.

The laundry room/office

There is plenty of storage in the laundry room. See how the washer and dryer are hidden in a custom-built cabinet?

The kitchen - Before

The kitchen was not functional and had a decor that was not up to date with its laminate flooring covering the original hardwood.

The kitchen - After

The kitchen is reconfigured and now incorporates an adjacent dining room. The new kitchen includes an island that is actually a rustic antique table imported from Europe.

The dining room

The highlight of the new kitchen is the casual dining area with its black accent wall and two black metal chandeliers.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom offered a beautiful space to decorate and personalize.

Master bedroom - After

Patti (the owner of the house) loved the wallpaper and Joanna had a black and white print with a botanical pattern that would go very well with the decor of the room.

Bathroom - Before

The bath in the adjacent bathroom was tiny with a plain appearance.


The floor plan has been modified to enlarge the bathroom, creating an elegant master bathroom with a large "walk-in" shower and a bathtub with gray tile and a built-in shelf.

Bathroom storage

Joanna always finds a way to incorporate storage even in the smallest of bathrooms.


The bathroom was good but lacked personality. See how much more beautiful it is after Joanna's changeover!

A beautiful transformation!

This completes the visit of this house. It's crazy how much more beautiful it is now! Do you have a favorite room? I must admit that I fell for the living room.

Feel free to leave us your comments regarding the visit!

Source: Hgtv · Photo Credit: Hgtv

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