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See how Chip and Joanna Gaines transformed this old farm house built in the 1880s

See how Chip and Joanna Gaines transformed this old farm house built in the 1880s
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An old farm house built in the 1880s!

Do you know the TV show, Fixer Upper ? Joanna Gaines and her husband are transforming old homes to give them a second life.

The transformations are often impressive, and this is the case for this old farm house.

Chip and Joanna decided to help a couple who lived in Pakistan for years, to transform an old farm house in Waco, Texas. If you like to see beautiful transformations, you will certainly like this one which is quite impressive!

Good visit!

The exterior, before

This spacious home was built in the 1880s and featured four bedrooms, three bathrooms and 3,000 square feet. The house featured a wraparound front porch with columns and vintage front door with leaded glass. The stairs and the front porch, however, suffered from wood rot and the front-door placement was off-center.

The exterior, after

The exterior gets a fresh coat of white paint, new landscaping. The stairs and porch are repaired, new windows added and the front door is now properly centered.

The owners

Charles and Brooke Ramsey had lived and worked in Pakistan for 17 years. Both are graduates from Baylor and were eager to go back to Waco and lead a quiet life with their family. "It's just a really exciting time for us," Brooke said. "We feel like our children are getting older and our parents are getting older and it's time to head back and rediscover our roots."

Their total budget was $355,000. After buying the farm for $155,000, they had a renovation budget of about $200,000. In terms of design preferences, the Ramseys wanted to retain the natural farmhouse feel, but also hoped to incorporate touches of two distinct styles they were both partial to; Moroccan and Scandinavian.

The living room before / after

The main living room, just inside the front entrance, had high ceilings and hardwood floors. Modifications would be mostly cosmetic, including removal of the "popcorn" ceiling, fresh paint and refinishing the wood floors.

What do you think of the transformation of the living room?

The living room

Here are more photos that show you the change of this room. Do you like it?

The dining room

This dining room, located right next to the kitchen, has a two-sided fireplace shared between this room and the adjacent space. The fireplace was no longer functional and had some structural issues.

The dining room, after

Wow! What about the room now? Gorgeous!!! The room is now open to a family room.

Family room, before

This room was originally a bedroom. It has been remodeled to become the new family room.

Family room, after

The old bedroom now opens to the dining room and the kitchen. Although the fireplace and chimney have been rebuilt, they serve strictly as a design feature. Structural problems prevented the chimney from becoming functional again. The blue floor, in front of the fireplace on the family-room side was retained.

The kitchen, before

Checkerboard laminate floor, old cabinets and wallpaper border made for a dated kitchen.

The kitchen, after

The kitchen is transformed with fresh white paint, streamlined wooden cabinetry, custom vent hood and a more suitably sized kitchen island. Beautiful, isn't it?

The laundry room, before

Ugly, like the rest of the house!

The laundry room, after

The remodeled laundry room features ample storage, a wood surface for folding and geometric tile backsplash.


This room served as an office. It was good but it could certainly be better!

The office after

The newly remodeled office features a generous work surface that's ideal for the Ramsey kids. They could work on school work or projects. The old built-ins were removed and replaced with open shelving in a natural finish.

Master bedroom

The decor of the bedroom provides a relaxing atmosphere with the incorporation of the Moroccan motif on the newly renovated fireplace. The room now has a nice decor!

Master bathroom

The main bathroom was not too big, but of adequate size. It was just old and the room needed updating.

The remodeled bathroom has a large walk-in shower with glass enclosure and tile.

Do you like it?

This is the end of the visit of this residence. How do you find the transformation of this house? Isn't it beautiful? Feel free to leave us your comments! I hope you enjoyed visiting this house.

Source: Hgtv · Photo Credit: Hgtv

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