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See how this 14 year old girl completely transformed the interior of this old trailer.

See how this 14 year old girl completely transformed the interior of this old trailer.
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This is a beautiful project!

Ellie Yeater is a 14 year old American girl. She wanted, just like her big brother, to have a space all her own where she could hang out with her friends. She wanted a space outside the house (you know, so as not to be bothered by her big brother) but still close enough to the house to have Internet and electricity.

With her pocket money ($500) she raised with birthday gifts and housework, she decided to work on a really fun project: renovating this old trailer.

Instead of strolling on the beach with her friends, she decided to invest her time and money into transforming this old trailer.

Come see the result, it's pretty impressive!


Ellie bought this old 1974 trailer for $200. You can tell the trailer needed some TLC! Ellie decided to paint the trailer to make it look like a log cabin.


Here is a montage that shows you a little of what the interior of the trailer looked like before its transformation.

The great cleaning

Ellie decided to do a big cleaning of the trailer before starting her transformation. Since the girl did not have a lot of money, she had to try to save everything that could still be good and useful.

Help from her father

Seeing that his daughter was working on an interesting and challenging project, Ellie's father gave her a hand helping her to renovate the trailer and gave her valuable advice.

Let's paint the inside!

Ellie chose pink and blue to transform the walls of the trailer. We are slowly beginning to see the interior transformation coming to life.

The floor

As the floor was really worn out, Ellie had no choice but to cover it with tiles. She learned how to install vinyl tiles.

The final result
Its final decoration is inspired by her personal tastes as well as ideas found here and there on the Internet.

Other photos

We are doubly proud when we have worked very hard on a project ourselves and that it is finished and is a huge success!

Ellie is very happy with her investment and her idea to transform the little trailer. She has already invited girlfriends over for sleepovers in her trailer and she also takes the opportunity to practice her ukulele there, without being disturbed by her brother. What did you think of this?

Source: Des idees · Photo Credit: Des idees

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