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Sleep in a floating hotel and go to a private island

Sleep in a floating hotel and go to a private island
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The Japanese will always amaze us with their inventiveness ! From luxury cars to floating hotels, they have seriously thought of everything.

They even made a Dutch theme park (Huis Ten Bosch) in Nagasaki Prefecture, an area on the west coast of Kyushu Island (Japan). The park is developing floating hotels that will drift through the Omura Bay as you sleep, towards a 10-acre island with all sorts of different attractions.

Although the phrase " floating hotel " and " private island " evoke luxury, this experience is not so expensive. The floating capsule hotels range from 118 and 124 feet (about 36 to 38 meters) and cost around $300 per night. For 4 people, this would only cost about $ 75 per person. Not too bad !

Huis Ten Bosch Park itself is quite spectacular. This park is a replica of the Netherlands. It includes Dutch-style buildings, shops, restaurants, windmills and even a tulip festival.

source : Japan Travel

source : Visit Nagasaki

The floating hotels feature a spacious and bright living area with a wooden staircase leading to an upper deck, a large bathroom with shower and bathtub and a separate toilet.

source : YouTube- KyodoNews

source : YouTube- KyodoNews

source : YouTube- KyodoNews

The interior evokes a little bit the design of the 70s and this impression is reinforced by the circular shape of the pods. The futuristic style was trendy in the 70s . . .

The exterior is like a story of the novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea".

source : YouTube- KyodoNews

If you are easily seasick, this may not be the best option for sleeping or traveling. However, these floating hotels are unique, which would make it an amazing travel experience. These floating hotels should be available for booking this summer ! So, if a trip to Japan is in your plans and you are looking for non-traditional accommodation, discover Huis Ten Bosch !

While waiting for your departure, make a virtual visit of the floating hotels :

Do you want to sleep in a floating hotel like this one ?

Source: · Photo Credit: desingboom

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