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The 8 most beautiful shipping containers houses.

The 8 most beautiful shipping containers houses.
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Tiny homes and houses made of shipping containers can be surprisingly beautiful! Especially with the rise cost of traditional homes, they quickly became the only option for many people. Take at look at the Insider's best 8 shipping container houses, you'll be amazed!

1. Zack & Brie Smithey's home

This beautiful home looks like a mansion! It is made of 8 containers and is about 3,100 square foot. 

The couple did most of the construction themselves!

The house is absolutely amazing, and it is made out of 90% recycled materials.

Smithey said : "For me, this house was like a huge piece of art, an enormous sculpture filled with my art and custom furniture,"

2. The Box Hop

The home is located on a 18.5 acres property and is made of 3 shipping containers. The Box Hop is available for rent on Airbnb and is probably the most stylish cabin made out of shipping containers. 

3. Jaimie and Dave Hinckle's home

The house has two floors and is made out of only 2 shipping containers. 

The home as a beautiful spiral staircase.

And there is even enough space for their dog!

The home really becomes a winter wonderland during the colder months.

4. Asheville home

This home is made out of one large shipping container and looks like a very modern loft in the inside. This house is also available to rent on Airbnb. 

Photo : Airbnb

The Asheville has a fully functional kitchenette.

Photo : Airbnb

A beautiful fresh and modern bathroom.

Photo : Airbnb

The living room has a beautiful blue couch, cable TV and WiFi. 

Photo : Airbnb

There is even a queen-sized bed!

Photo : Airbnb

5. Glassberg Container House 

Five extra-tall containers were used in the construction of this home, to allow enough space for larger windows. The house was designed for Debbie Glassberg by the architect firm BNIM.

Photo : BNIM

You would never believe this is a container home! The home is really modern with a pop of blue colour. 

Photo : BNIM

The home can fit a large bed. 

Photo : BNIM

A beautiful blue bathroom with a large freestanding soaking bathtub. 

Photo : BNIM

There is even a walk-in closet!

Photo : BNIM

6. BoHo Box Hop

This home is created by the owners of the BoxHop house. The BoHo has two stories and is also available on Airbnb.  This Box Hop home is a smaller but still very modern container house with a Clawfoot tub, massive back deck, 6 person hot tub, and 3 skylights. 

7. Container Guest House

 The Container Guest House is a studio space designed by Designed by poteet architects

Photo : Poteen Architects

The large window at the front allows for lots of natural light.

Photo : Poteen Architects

But there is still privacy in the most needed space.

Photo : Poteen Architects

8. 12-Container House

This house is created with 12 containers (as per the name) by architect Adam Kalkin who is well known for creating container homes. 

The interior is absolutely stunning and the open concept in this home is breathtaking. 

Adam Kalkin was able to create pure magic! He even added a fireplace in this container home.

The 12-Container house is known as one of the most iconic container home.

What do you think of these houses? Did they change your mind on container homes? Which one is your favourite?

Source: Insider · Photo Credit: Insider

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