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The interior of this house entirely made of terracotta is very surprising.

The interior of this house entirely made of terracotta is very surprising.
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In Colombia, there is a very particular house because it was entirely built in terracotta.

This house is called the "Casa Terracota", and it's located in the village of Villa de Leyva. This unusual house attracts curious people from all over the world.

It was designed by architect Octavio Mendoza passionate about pottery. Octavio Mendoza realized this crazy project.

Unusual mixture of craftsmanship and art. Locals in the nearby town of Villa de Leyva, however, refer to it as Casa de Flinstones. The architecture of this house has many surprises.

The home is 500 square meters and is entirely made of clay, and this is a two-story house.

After building this terracotta house, he let it harden and dry in the sun. The clay, which was initially supple and fragile, then became hard and stable ceramics.

The interior of the house is really surprising, it is a real palace. The walls are curved and are decorated with colorful pieces of mosaic.

Even the furniture is carved in clay ! The only materials that come into the house are iron and glass.

It is absolutely splendid !

"Casa Terracota is a unique space, destined not only to embody and promote my philosophy but also to spark off architectural and artistic experimentation. This means that we are always encouraging the creation of alternative proposals for the use and decoration of its spaces : all with the help of those same four elements of nature. For this we are in constant contact with artisans, artists, architects, designers and other craftsmen who are interested in helping us take the project even further." says architect Octavio Mendoza.

The house is habitable and functional and includes a bedroom and kitchen. Hot water is provided by solar panels.

But it is not inhabited since it is open to the public and serves as an exhibition place for works of art.

And for good reason, many artists have exhibited their work inside La Casa Terracotta !

A magical place where you can let your imagination run wild, it really makes you want to visit it one day !

Source: Positivr · Photo Credit: Positivr

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