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The kitchen of this tiny house is amazing!

The kitchen of this tiny house is amazing!
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The house even has a fireplace!

This tiny house proves that it is not because it is small that it doesn't have character! This impressive home is an absolute must see. It has a beautiful kitchen on the ground floor as well as a huge shower and a comfortable living room.

This small house also has a fireplace, which is hard to find in a tiny house because many tiny houses do not have room for that.

The following house was featured on the HGTV show "Tiny Luxury" and became very popular after the appearance.

This mini-house has indeed a lot of character and beautiful finishes, but once again, we wonder where is the storage.

So we invite you to visit this tiny house.

Good visit!


This house actually has two loft bedrooms. One of them features a full size TV and the other has plenty of natural light. I must admit that the finishes are very pretty; I like the roof, the skylight and the layout of this space, but I got one question: where is the storage?

Second bedroom

The second bedroom is on the second floor. Yes, you still have to climb a ladder to go to sleep, but admit that the decor is amazing, right? We can feel that the people who designed this tiny-house, thought of all the little details: like the ceiling, the walls, the floor, the decor and its finishes.


What impresses me a lot in this tiny house is certainly the superb kitchen! This one even offers more space to cook than some tiny apartments! I love the color of the cabinets and the white counter that makes a beautiful contrast.

Dining Area

A small wooden table (which folds for good ergonomics of the room) serves as a dining area. 2 or even 4 people can eat here! This other photo allows you to admire the kitchen from another angle! This room really impresses me! Look on the left of the photo, there is a shelf for storing stuff!

Living room

A small seating area is installed under one of the loft that serves as a bedroom. Here you can see the electric fireplace, the sofa and the two small chairs! There are still 4 seats in this space! Impressive, right?

Other photos

These pictures of the dining area allow you to have a better idea of the space when the table is folded. The idea is very simple but it works very well!


Unfortunately, I do not have other pictures of the bathroom, but admit that this shower is absolutely amazing! I really did not expect to see a shower as beautiful and as big as that in a tiny house and you?

What do you think?

What do you think of this tiny house ? Isn't it really pretty ? I admit that the storage space is not perfect, but we can not deny that this house has a beautiful interior, right? Feel free to leave us your impressions of the visit.

Source: Diy cozy home · Photo Credit: Diy cozy home

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