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These houses are totally foldable and cost only $33,000!

These houses are totally foldable and cost only $33,000!
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Discover the  M.A.D.I houses!

These tiny houses and modular construction are really popular right now, but a brilliant Italian architect may have created the most versatile combination of the two trends with the houses named M.A.DI.

Similar to a mobile property, these foldable modular living units are available from only $33,000!

M.A.DI means "Modulo Abitativo Dispiegabile", which roughly translates to "foldable housing modular". The units were designed by Italian architect Renato Vidal and are manufactured by wood specialist Area Legno in Italy. They are made with cross-laminated wood so they can create these modular and versatile dwellings.

Discover this new kind of accommodation with the pictures below.

They come in several sizes.

The MADi houses are available in several sizes: 

  •  Small house of 27 m² (290 square feet), 
  •  Double house of 46 square meters (495 square feet) or 56 square meters (603 square feet) 
  •  Triple family house of 70 square meters (753 square feet) or 84 square meters (904 square feet).

Each house extends over two levels and is equipped with a kitchen, a dining area and a bathroom located on the ground floor, while the bedrooms are located on the upper floor.

Transportation of the houses.

The building's frame structure and unique folding capacity allow the house to be prefabricated offsite, packed flat and transported by truck or container to its designated construction site. So easy!

Assembly of the houses.

Once they reach their final destinations, the installation of the house is relatively simple, as each module simply unfolds. Finishes such as roof heights, flooring, interior and exterior walls rely on mounting panels for simple assembly. The entire process should only take three to six hours.

The houses structure.

The M.A.Di houses can be installed as a temporary or permanent structure and does not necessarily need foundations at ground level, which allows the structure to have zero impact on the landscape. The house is anchored using an innovative system of screw piles, which has no impact on the ground and can leave the ground without footprints. Alternatively, the house can be built on a reinforced concrete foundation.

The interior.

A M.A.D.I house will take approximately 30 to 40 days to be completed from the date of the order, with an all-inclusive unit price of approximately € 800, or $933 in USD per square meter. Therefore, basic M.A.D.I accommodations cost between $25,195 USD for the small module and $73,385 (USD) for the largest module. The house is then packed flat and transported by truck or container and can be delivered outside of Italy, anywhere in the world as mentioned on their website.

An interesting option?

Do you not find this little house charming? The MADI standard structure is classified in class B according to European standards for energy consumption, but the unit can be customized to meet class A standards. This means that the house can be converted into a low-energy house with the installation of equipment such as solar panels on the roof, LED lighting, water tanks and a gray water system.

An interesting alternative?

What do you think of this unique concept? If you would like more information on this new type of construction concept, visit their website:

It is good to know that each M.A.D.I module has appropriately proportioned galvanized steel frames to support the opening and closing movement of the house. Polyurethane foam is used to waterproof the house while contributing to its thermal insulation. The walls are also insulated with high density stone wool and the window frames can be installed in PVC or aluminum. What do you think of this house concept?

Here is a video to see the house in action!

Source: New Atlas · Photo Credit: New Atlas

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