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These travel trailers make us want to go camping!

These travel trailers make us want to go camping!
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Incredible transformations!

Do you like to go camping ? Do you like to travel in bucolic places and enjoy the beautiful summer days ?

Did you know that there were many pictures of vintage travel trailer makeovers on Instagram ?

The owners of these small "vintage" trailers really like to transform them to give them a different interior, sometimes more modern, sometimes completely eclectic !

Take a look at these transformations, they make you dream ! I want to go camping !

 First travel trailer

People often opt for wood floors and white walls, because the room seems more spacious. See the photo before and after the transformation. I really like this trailer. I would spend days in this one without any problem !

Second travel trailer

Elyse and Amanda have preserved, or recreated, quite a bit of this trailer's vintage charm. The wooden cabinets on the left are original (and in good condition), while the new wood paneling and botanical fabric (on the cabin seats), bring a fun and 'funky' 70s vibe. The first picture shows you the trailer before its transformation.

Third travel trailer

Speaking of "vintage" elements ; what do you think of this blue oven ? Turquoise is the accent color of this vintage trailer !

Fourth travel trailer

Red, black and white are the perfect colors for this small vintage trailer ! I like the idea of the wood ceiling, it brings a nice contrast with the rest of the interior. Cute, isn't it ? The first picture shows you the trailer before its transformation.

Fifth travel trailer

The fifth trailer has a more bohemian style with the choice of textures and fabrics.

Sixth travel trailer

The sixth trailer has a modernized 70s decor. We do not see it on the photo, but there's even a beaded curtain in the doorway ! The trailer was built in 1978.

Seventh travel trailer

All of the white paint and upholstery really add to the feeling of openness in this trailer and do a great job of reflecting natural light! See how it has changed ! Look at the picture before its transformation !

Eighth travel trailer

This 1966 trailer has a fantastic retro look ! People really like to transform travel trailers !

Ninth travel trailer

Can you believe that this trailer was from 1955 ? What they did with it is absolutely amazing ! The small trailer now has a contemporary interior with lots of storage ! Wow !

Tenth travel trailer

This 1971 Airstream is not the same at all with these two pretty berths !

What do you think of the transformation of these small trailers ? People really enjoy transforming "vintage" trailers and the result is always impressive. Which one do you prefer ? I like the one with the retro look and the first one, and you ?

Source: Apartment Therapy · Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

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