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They were missing space for a kid's room in the house, admire their genius solution!

They were missing space for a kid's room in the house, admire their genius solution!
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It's a fact; just about everyone could use a lot more space in their home! It's also true that there is lot of wasted space in our homes.

Al these under-used nooks and crannies could be so much more practical! And when the space is not necessarily in front of our eyes, let's look up!

For example, take the entrance and its stairs. A high ceiling can indeed give a fantastic first impression to visitors and guests. However, what is most important to you in everyday life? The "wow" effect, or the comfort of your family that lives in the house in question?

At best, in this kind of space, people hang a chandelier, which in turn only collects dust! There has to be a better way to use the place, right? Yes there is! Apartment Therapy and NX2 reported the story of this mom who had a great idea to increase the comfort of her children in the house.

Angie wanted to find more space for her growing daughter to play, and maybe do her homework. Since her family lives in a two-bedroom townhouse, additional space is scarce. One day, Angie looked up and the inspiration came; transform the upper space of the entrance into a children "loft"!

What a great idea! Rather than building an expensive extension to the house, Angie found a way to see an unused space and add a room where she could. The "hearth" at the entrance already had three walls waiting to be used. The only thing missing was a floor! Take a look at what the space looked like before it was transformed:

Photo : Apartment Therapy via NX2

The more you look at it, the more you can imagine the “attic” that should have been there. This space is small enough that the ground is sufficiently supported. Angie and her family decided to take matters into their own hands.

Angie asked her husband and stepfather to build this smart and creative loft and make it a little corner for homework and playing. Now Angie and her daughter both have a little place to get away!

Photo : Apartment Therapy via NX2

Construction began with the creation of a secure base. After that, the only other steps were to install the flooring, install a safety rail that matched the railing of the existing staircase. The result? A loft that should have been there from the start! Look at it "before" and "after":

Photo : Apartment Therapy via NX2

What a great result! This two bedroom townhouse has turned into two bedrooms and a "loft". Any parent can tell you how useful it is to have a designated space for work and play, separate from a bedroom or the living room.

Photo : Apartment Therapy via NX2

Absolutely adorable! What do you think of this home renovation project? Do you feel inspired to do the same at home?

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Tip Hero

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