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This 1857 residence was once flashy and glitzy!

This 1857 residence was once flashy and glitzy!
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The transformation of a house from 1857

When Theresa and Michael moved to Kingston, New York in 2013, they began their search to find a home to live in. They came across this house from 1857 which had a beautiful exterior.

Their real estate broker warned them, however, that the interior had a flashy and outdated decor.

Instead of running for the hills, the couple decided to take up the challenge and transform this once beautiful old house into a contemporary home.

You have to see the before and after pictures to truly appreciate all the beautiful work that has been done!

If you like admiring these kinds of transformations, which I must say can be quite impressive, you'll love this one: it is exceptional!

Enjoy the show!

Front entrance

As in many houses of the 1800s, the decor was a true reflection of the times. The colors are dark and there are many flower patterns on the walls and in the furniture.

Entrance, after

The entrance has retained its charm but the walls are now white, making room for the woodwork and the beautiful staircase to shine through.

Living room

I do not have the photo of the show before its transformation, but it gives you a very good idea of the decor and the atmosphere of the house. Gray and white add an elegant touch to the room.

Dining room, front

Ahhh ... the good old days of heavy scenery! There is so much to see in the room, it's difficult to know where to start looking!

Dining room, after
What a change, right?! Are we even still in the same house? The room is elegant while staying warm with the choice of furnishings.

The kitchen, before

The kitchen wasn't too bad, but the couple wanted it to have a decor that would match the rest of the house.

The kitchen, after

Oh wow! Don't you think it looks bigger and brighter? The stone sink was discovered in the basement of the house and it took more than 6 men to install it!

The office

The house has a charming little office area upstairs. Books bring color to the white decor.

Guest Room

The couple decided to decorate the guest room in pale shades. Theresa was able to maintain a certain antique-like character with her selection of beds. The lamps also add a unique touch to the decor.

Master bedroom

We end the visit with the master bedroom, where the floor is also painted white. You'll notice that the house has a very modest decor with some vintage accessories here and there. We've come a long way from the home's original decor!

What did you think of this transformation? Did you like it? What an incredible difference, wouldn't you agree?

Source: Country living · Photo Credit: Country living

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