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This 700-square-foot condo was sold $ 100,000 over asking!

This 700-square-foot condo was sold $ 100,000 over asking!
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$ 100,000 more!

Located in one of Toronto's most desirable neighborhoods, it did not take long for this condo to be sold after hitting the market. This condo was so popular on the market that it was sold $ 100,000 more than its asking price of $ 699,000!

I do not know if you knew about it, but houses and apartments / condos sell like hot cakes in the Toronto area.

And even though the square footage is perhaps small (700 square feet) this eclectic condo has quickly found buyers!

I invite you to take a look and I leave you with the following question: would you have paid $ 800,000 for this condo?

Good visit!

A popular rental!

This condo is located in a prime Toronto location in a red-brick heritage building: the exterior offers a clue about the condo inside. Offered at $ 699,000, but sold for $ 800,000: there is not a lot of space in this condo, with square footage estimated between 700 and 800 square feet, but this has not stopped buyers from offering $ 100 000 more!

Living room

The exposed beams and the original brick and stone walls add a lot of character to the decor, while the stenciled pattern on the living room floor adds an original touch to the decor.

Dining Area

The open concept living area includes a living room, a kitchen and a dining room.

Vintage charm

Do you like this kind of decor that mixes vintage with original and "funky" elements ? Yes ... it's a mannequins on the second picture.


The 10.5-foot ceiling (with built-in lights) brings a sense of openness to the 700-square-foot condo, while exposed wooden beams add an element of rustic charm.


The kitchen is small but functional, with a window that opens to the living room. Kitchen includes black Miele appliances and a blackboard wall.

The kitchen, other pictures

The kitchen may be small but it has a lot of features: a shelf above the stove, built-in wine storage.


An unused area in the entrance hallway has been designed as a unique and eye-catching work area, with the white wall serving as an ideal place to present artwork.

Walk-in closet

The condo may be small but it still has an interesting walk-in closet.


The bathroom impresses with its details. The very modern decor goes well with the rest of the condo and its eclectic decor.


There is not a lot of space in this bedroom, set between two stone and brick walls, but the round bed works exceptionally well in the space.


One of the biggest selling point of the condo is this 315-square-foot tiered private terrace surrounded by lush greenery. I'm starting to understand why this condo was sold $ 100,000 more!


Here is what ends the visit of this Toronto condo. Would you have paid this price to live in a 700 square foot condo? At first, I found the price ridiculously expensive but when I saw the terrace, and as I know that space is limited in Toronto, I understand why people paid more for this apartment. An outdoor area of this size is rather rare when living in a condo.

And you? What do you think?

Source: Hgtv · Photo Credit: Hgtv

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