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This cottage comes straight out of a fairy tale!

This cottage comes straight out of a fairy tale!
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Are you curious to discover the interior ?

The Cottage Company, is a company that is located in the Pacific Northwest region. It is dedicated to building communities and neighborhoods that have only small houses, nothing too big or ostentatious. The houses are functional, attractive and sustainable.

The stunning house that is called, Kvale Hytte Cottage is only one example of the style of small houses found in this kind of community.

This cottage is part of a 5 acre reserve, which has marshes, trees, ponds, lots of flowers; a perfect place for people who like to live in nature.

I invite you to take a look at this beautiful cottage that will charm you for sure! The house has a lot of character.

Come in; you will not be disappointed!

First look

The designers of this house have realized that the first glance is always very important; that's what makes us want to discover more about a house. I must admit that the porch of this cottage is inviting! The layout is very simple, but so nice!

Open area

The spacious interior is breathtaking, thanks to the high ceiling and the multitude of windows that let in a beautiful natural light. Let's start the visit with the living room which is just on the right of the entrance. The room provides seats for 4 to 5 people. The living room features a skylight and even a wood stove! The house may be small, but the interior is quite lovely.


The kitchen is actually open to the living room and the very small dining room.

The kitchen has everything an avid chef needs, including a kitchen island for extra space while preparing meals.


These two photos really allow us to appreciate the height of the roof. Imagine a much lower roof and this house would not have the same atmosphere at all !

Dining room

Do not forget that this house is not very big ! This is not in there that you will find a huge dining room, but I must admit that I like this small space surrounded by windows! It would be impossible to be in a bad mood while eating in this cozy dining nook.


The master bedroom is located on the main floor of this cottage. The room surprises with its size and it even has a large wardrobe for clothes and also an adjacent bathroom!


Simple but very pretty; do you like the retro touch of the checkered floor ? The house also has space for the washer and dryer.


Here is the view from the loft. This view allows you to have a better idea of the layout of the rooms of the open area.

Office space

This space can serve as an office.


This space, quite large, can be used to receive guests.


There is another bathroom with shower on the second floor of the house. It's perfect and very convenient, if you have guests staying overnight or even for people who sleep in the second bedroom.

What do you think ?

This cottage is not huge but it does not lack character. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office space, a beautiful living room, a beautiful kitchen; I'm moving in tomorrow morning and you ?

Source: Tiny homer tour · Photo Credit: Tiny home tour

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