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This cottage in California is just perfect.

This cottage in California is just perfect.
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A beautiful cottage!

This small cottage in California's Napa Valley may be small in size but is big in style! We fell in love with this house.

This cottage was designed by Lindsay Chambers, an interior designer working in Los Angeles and San Francisco area.

Inside is a stunning modern style that makes the home feel bigger than it is. This cottage is just perfect.

We love everything, everything, everything about this house !

We invite you to take a look but be careful not to fall in love with it !

The kitchen

Ahhh ... the kitchen! A kitchen must be functional, ergonomic but also beautiful. We want to go in this kitchen and cook. I do not know about you but me, I have a sudden desire to cook something. I love the mix of materials of this kitchen. This is very elegant !

The kitchen, other photo

Because it is simply superb; here are more photos of this kitchen, look at the details. The room is not huge but it certainly does not lack character.

Dining room

This is unfortunately the only picture of the dining room that I have. The kitchen shares an open area with the dining room and a very small sitting area. Note the height of the roof, the chandeliers and the visual effect of more space in this open area; I just love it !


The cottage has two bedrooms, and each one has a bathroom. I unfortunately do not have the picture of the second bedroom but looking at the picture of it, we can easily imagine the second bedroom. What a nice and simple decor. It's beautiful and it's simple.

Do you like it ?


Here is the picture of the first bathroom. I literally love this one. I like its sliding door and the choice of ceramics. Do not forget to mention the beautiful vanity, countertop and glass shower door ! This bathroom is absolutely stunning.

Second bathroom

The second bathroom also has a beautiful decor and beautiful finishes. Do you prefer white bathroom or gray bathroom ? I really like the first one, but I must admit that this bathroom is also beautiful.

This is the end of the visit of this small cottage. What do you think of this cottage ? I personally love this cottage: it is perfect to me. I can't wait to read your comments.

Source: Little living blog · Photo Credit: Little living blog

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