Houses : This cottage in the middle of nature is probably one of the coziest in the world
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This cottage in the middle of nature is probably one of the coziest in the world

A real paradise!

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Near Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State is one of the most adorable cottages in the world.

It belongs to Ryan and Valeria who use it as a second home and who have transformed and renovated it into an incredible place.

The couple also rent it occasionally.

This 800-square-feet cabin has been built with a A-frame architecture. The couple called it the "Litte Owl Cabin", this is a really cute name.

Like most of the cabins, this one was built in the middle of nature. It is surrounded by gigantic magnificent trees.

The advantage of the A-frame architecture of the cabin is that it offers an absolutely incredible ceiling height.

Of course, there are plenty of rooms to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature.

There is also a small dining table. The place is bright thank to the huge windows.

The bedroom is upstairs. There are two twin beds that can be pushed together to form a large bed.

The bedroom is Ryan's favorite room: "We wake up every morning with this beautiful view. It feels a little like waking up in a treehouse ".

Downstairs, there is another bedroom with two bunk beds.

The only thing that Ryan and Valerie regret is the lack of storage space.

"It would be better if we had more storage space. These A-frames are not built for long-term living. We have added storage spaces and we will continue to add them over the years" Ryan explains.

Inside the cabin you can read and watch TV and outside you can enjoy the campfire. There is also a jacuzzi in the back and seats to relax.

A real paradise!

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