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This dilapidated apartment has been transformed and now it's beautiful

This dilapidated apartment has been transformed and now it's beautiful
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This transformation is amazing!

We can do so many beautiful things with a little ingenuity! This is what characterizes this Barcelona apartment. Christian Schallert did not want to live in a shabby apartment, very small, without storage and not very practical, so he called on a renowned architect, Barbara Appolloni to turn this sad place into a great apartment!

The 250-square-foot apartment was in bad condition but it's not really the case since it was transformed with Barbara's help.

Take two minutes to discover this amazing apartment! That's really beautiful inside!

Good visit!

A 250-square-foot apartment

I share the photos of the apartment, before its great transformation; because it is an incredible transformation! It must be understood that this apartment, located in downtown Barcelona, was outdated, small and dilapidated. Christian had the good idea to hire an architect to make his dreams come true!

Wait to see what the interior looks like now!


Are you wondering where Christian places his belongings? His bed? His dining table? Look at the next picture, you'll see how great his apartment is!


Built-in furniture! The entire wall has smart storage! Let's take a closer look at how Christian's belongings are stored.

The kitchen

It's crazy, right? As soon as we open the "door", we discover a small kitchen with a large refrigerator, lots of storage and even a microwave that can be used as oven.

The bed

His couch also doubles as a bed and just rolls out from underneath the balcony. Christian can even enjoy the breeze coming from outside with his small balcony!


Christian even has storage for his clothes; ok it's not huge but his clothes are still tidy! There are also other storage with shelves. Do not forget that the apartment has only 250-square-foot!


The products that Christian uses in the bathroom are also hidden in the walls! It's amazing, right? The toilet is also hidden behind a wood panel! Christian shows us that the toilet is not super big but it's ok! There is also a shower.

Dining room

When it is time to eat, a plank comes out from the wall, Christian can even have friends for dinner!


Our tenant is also lucky because he can enjoy the small rooftop of his building, which is next to his tiny apartment. It's pretty cool, right?

Do you like it?

Admit that this apartment is really great with its smart storage! It is very functional and at the end of the day, Christian says that for him, it is not important to have a huge house; a good bed, and a little place to relax and he is happy!

Do not hesitate to tell me what you think of this apartment in Barcelona!

Source: Des idees · Photo Credit: Des idees

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