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This farmhouse is absolutely stunning, the bathroom steals the show.

This farmhouse is absolutely stunning, the bathroom steals the show.
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A beautiful farmhouse

We often discover houses that attract our attention for the right reasons and this is the case of this $ 2.5 million Tennessee country house. I agree with you that it is expensive, but visiting it does not cost anything.

This house is so pretty, that you will love it too. I fell in love with this country house which impressed me with the decor and size of its rooms. Each room is impressive.

I share it with you because I think you will enjoy visiting it too.

For the pleasure of the eyes and to discover a magnificent interior; good visit!

Be careful not to fall in love with it !


The house has a rustic style with modern touches. As soon as you step in, you want to discover the other rooms.

Office space

The 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom home has a workspace located on the right of the main entrance. Our eyes are immediately attracted to the ceiling, the unique chandelier and the warm decor of the room. See how rustic and modern touches match well.


As I mentioned before, this residence has very good dimensions with its 5 bedrooms. The master bedroom that you can see here, is spacious with its angled roof covered with wood. The room is big but warm.

Adjoining bathroom

The adjoining bathroom has a very classic decor with marble countertops and floors. The vanity of this bathroom is beautiful !

Other bedrooms

The other bedrooms of the house also have very good dimensions and almost all have adjoining bathrooms.

The "mudroom"

Farmhouses often have a "mudroom", a rear entrance (or that leads to the garage) that is very convenient with lots of storage. We see that this one even has a brick floor that gives a rustic look.

Laundry room

Who would not want to have such a beautiful laundry room?

The coffee bar

This house is so big that it can afford to have a little space for coffee; a coffee station, if you prefer.

Isn't it great? Residents have everything they need to prepare a good hot beverage in the morning and there is also a wine cooler in the same space. Awesome!

Dining room

The dining room is open onto the beautiful kitchen. How do you find the layout of the rooms?


The kitchen is beautiful with its countertops, its huge kitchen island, its finishes and cabinets. Isn't it splendid ?

Family Lounge

The kitchen, dining room and family room share the open space of this surprising residence. Isn't it a friendly room where you can share good moments with family and friends? See how the rustic touches go well in this modern decor.

The screened porch

The screened porch has a nice fireplace. This house is amazing!

Your impressions?

And? What do you think about this house? Don't you think it's quite lovely and nicely decorated? Feel free to leave us your impressions.

Source: Hooked on houses · Photo Credit: Hooked on houses

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