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This giant cargo ship has been transformed into a 3 bedroom house!

This giant cargo ship has been transformed into a 3 bedroom house!
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See the transformation of a cargo ship!

Before docking at Canary Wharf in London, this giant cargo ship made many journeys across European waters.

But in 1988, it was taken out of commission and transformed into a luxurious three-bedroom home on water.

When we look at the boat, we can't really imagine a house in a space like this!

Get ready for a nice surprise!

The main room

Inside, the house has impressive ceilings, an open-floorplan, and beautiful oak paneling.

The royal blue carpet and white ceilings give this unique houseboat a nautical feel, perfect for a life on the water. Several large skylights that let in lots of sunlight.

The main room, again

This main room is also home to the dining room, living room, and kitchen. Each room flows directly into the next, taking up the entire length of the cargo ship’s long and narrow body. Once carrying products and goods, now, the cargo is a cozy living space.


The cargo ship home’s kitchen is larger than most traditional homes.

The room has plenty of counter space, modern appliances and plenty of storage cabinets. Cooking and entertaining is certainly not an issue in this expansive kitchen and open floor plan home. The black and white tiled floors add a fun decorative element to the room.

Master bedroom

The three impressive rooms of the house are upstairs. The largest of the bedrooms boasts neutral colors, recessed lighting, windows that line both sides of the room, a small seating area, and plush carpet throughout. From this room, you also have access to the wheelhouse.


Even though this room is quite large, the decor and furniture were kept to a minimum. Just a queen-size bed, two bedside tables. The captain can take a quick nap while his skipper temporarily takes over. Of course, the captain can still keep an eye on the helm from this bedroom.

Third bedroom

Although the smaller room lacks windows, the white walls with wood trim and LED lighting make the room feel bright and spacious.

This room with interesting shapes also has a queen-size bed, as well as a built-in wardrobe and cabinets. Furniture was also kept minimalistic in this room, and decor is almost non-existent as the wood trim creates a design of its own.


The one and only bathroom of the houseboat is modest. The bathroom is functional and practical. The small, colorful pictures frames add a bit of decor and character to the otherwise basic space.

Would you live in this cargo ship?

Would you like to live in this cargo ship? I must admit that I really like the interior, and you?

Source: Home hacks · Photo Credit: Home Hacks

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