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This HGTV tiny house was sold at a discount price!

This HGTV tiny house was sold at a discount price!
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Imagine all the luxury of a large recreational vehicle (RV) in a house no larger than a container. This is what Cubist Engineering offers with The Strugis, a tiny house on wheels! This is a hybrid between a tiny house and an RV, specially designed for an episode of HGTV.

The Strugis measures 6.55 meters by 2.5 meters! And everything inside the house is lit with LED.

Even though it is a very small space, the house comes with a fully equipped kitchen including a sink, induction hob, refrigerator, etc. The kitchen cabinets are solid walnut and maple plywood frames.

The interior is beautiful!

The floors are white oak and the walls are cross-laminated timber (CLT).

The living room features a real modular sofa and not a wooden box with a few cushions like many other tiny houses!

The spa-style bathroom with outdoor shower is just perfect!

The bed - rather than cluttering up the space - can be tucked away. You can simply lower the queen mattress over the sofa and the coffee table after dark and go to bed.

There is still an extra bed that you can use.

The asking price for this beautiful house? $75,000!

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What do you think of the house?

Source: Cubis Engineering · Photo Credit: Cubis Engineering

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