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This house for sale hides a very dark secret in the basement!

This house for sale hides a very dark secret in the basement!
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This beautiful all red brick home is located in Fayette, MO and currently listed for $350,000. From the outside the house seems really normal, but it is hiding a dark secret basement! 

There is a 2500 sq. ft jail with 9 cells, booking room and half bath connected to the home! And if that was not weird enough, you can access it from the kitchen! Take a look for yourself. 

At first glance, the kitchen look like just any other suburban kitchen. 

But once you open the "secret" door it gets really creepy! 

Behind that big door is an entire jail!

It seems like your prisoners won't be able to use the bathroom! 

You can access all of this from the kitchen! 

We can't believe that just behind the door is a normal suburban kitchen! 

There is even cells and beds!

Who would have thought that all of that is hiding behind these red bricks?

It seems like the jail has been there quite a long time now, as the house is a a historical property.

Here is the full description for the property:

" WAIT until you get to picture #30!! 1875 Howard County move-in ready Sheriff’s House and Jail. Extremely unique opportunity!! Extensive renovation in 2005 (supposedly $1.5 million) captures modern high end finishes with traditional architecture and character. This home is 2465 sq ft with three levels of living area, 2 bedroom. 1.5 bath, high end finish throughout, appears to have been totally rewired, replumbed and new HVAC zoned system installed. AND THE BEST PART, connected to the home is a 2500 sq ft legitimate jail with 9 cells, booking room and 1/2 bath. The cell door lock throws appear to be operational. Full basement under the home with lighting throughout. Possibilities are amazing with this property." 

Is it really the "best part" according to you? We are not sure how we feel about having an entire jail connected to your house! 

If you are really curious about the house, you can spend a few nights as it available on Airbnb

The other part of the house look totally normal! You can see more pictures here

Would you be interested in this property? What would you do with the jail? 

Source: Ruin My Week · Photo Credit: flex mls

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