Houses : This house is frozen in time since 100 years, everyone is surprised when entering it.
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This house is frozen in time since 100 years, everyone is surprised when entering it.

Beautiful house with amazing decoration!

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Built in 1906, this old house has many surprises.

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this home has 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

When we discover the photos of the outside and especially of the interior, we have the feeling of going back in past, like 100 years ago.

You can see that the exterior is absolutely wonderful. Its porch, columns, chimneys and large windows are incredibly beautiful.

The garden around is just as lovely. But it is the interior that is completely amazing.

We have the feeling that everything has not been touched for 100 years.

There is plenty of space, the wooden floors is really nice and the entryway provides access to different rooms such as the living room or the dining room.

The house has 10 fireplaces. The different living rooms make you want to relax in the sofa, while staying warm by the fire.

The large size of the windows let in natural light into the different rooms of the house.

Gorgeous designs are carved into the window’s wood frame, giving the room a very unique feel. Everything seems in wood, even the stairs.

Wood is everywhere but it makes this house absolutely beautiful.

The kitchen is even more beautiful. It has a huge countertop but also many storage spaces.

To top it off, there is also a huge sunroom surrounded by greenery. Perfect for a coffee or a drink during the spring season.

This sunroom is a peaceful place where you can relax, this the best part of the house!

This 9574-square-foot house is very original.

Each bedroom has its own bathroom.

They also have a lot of charm and some have a huge walk-in closet.

The bathrooms seem to belong to a luxury hotel.

The library is very impressive too, and there is a room with a huge billiard table and even a projector screen.

What a beautiful house!

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