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This house measures only 290 square feet but it's the interior that steals the show.

This house measures only 290 square feet but it's the interior that steals the show.
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290 square feet with a beautiful interior !

The tiny house revolution has shown us that you don’t need a lot of space to live comfortably. The organizational skills of home designers are incredible.

Most of the time, whatever you can think of that you and your family may need in your home, they can always find a way to include your needs, even in a 290 square foot home !

This tiny house is even more beautiful than some bigger houses !

Take a look !


Let's start by the outside of this house, with a porch area covered. Isn't it great ? This porch area is certainly big enough for your family and friends. It's a lovely place to enjoy a nice evening under the stars !

Open air

The interior is light and contemporary. The cottage style is beautiful !

This house is perfect for a couple or a single person who does not want to have a big house and wants to reduce the expenses. What do you think of the details ? The kitchen is small, but it provides everything residents need to cook comfortably !

The quality of the details

What makes a tiny house warm and cozy is often the details. A simple decor is always a plus.


The bathroom provides a beautiful light, a small shower, a sink and storage. It is small, but it is very functional. The good thing is that the smaller it is, the less time you spend cleaning !


Believe it or not, this tiny house has two bedrooms! They are not huge but at least we have two bedrooms ! It's so much more practical ! The bedroom can be used for the guests.

The master bedroom, which you can see on the photo, provides more space than the bedrooms of the tiny houses on wheels !

The decor is simple and that's what gives the impression that the room is spacious.

The plan

Don't you think this tiny house would make a nice house for retired people ?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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