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This is the perfect house for car lovers.

This is the perfect house for car lovers.
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Having a collection of beautiful and rare cars requires a proper place to park them. And some people do the things properly.

Indeed, bad weather can damage the cars, so always park them in a safe place. Moreover, parking them in a public place is not without risks because they can be damaged or even stolen.

On Ebay, a prefabricated storage unit costs $4,000, if your house does not have one.

But some people love their cars so much, that they have created a unique kind of garage.

This is the case of the owner of the company AutoHaus, a car dealer. His home in Austin, Texas is not really a traditional home.

This car lover saw things on a large scale to store his collection of rare vehicles.

He has no limits for his cars! He loves them so much!

His garage designed by Matt Fakjus Architecture leaves us speechless. Owner of Porsche and Ferrari, his garage is actually a home!

The entire ground floor of the house is actually a garage and a workshop. It's like having your car or cars in your living room.

The living space does not really seem to be a priority for this man. This is a secondary priority, that's why it is located on the second floor!

The photos are completely amazing! It really looks like a museum of old cars! We can't believe that this is a house!

Take a look at this very original house and watch the video below:

Source: Drivetribe · Photo Credit: MF Architecture, Charles Davis Smith, Perfecto Creative, Casey Woods

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