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This little house seems tiny but it's so surprising to discover that it has two levels!

This little house seems tiny but it's so surprising to discover that it has two levels!
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Tiny houses are really famous nous, and people love them. And the new house designs continue to surprise us.

A tiny house is synonymous with freedom, reduced costs, mobility but sometimes comfort.

Some architects and designers have more and more ingenious ideas for developing tiny living spaces.

There are many architectural possibilities and the designers Joshua and Shelley Engberg proved it once again.

Their work is a beautiful and modern tiny house, that is quite original.

The distinctive characteristic of this tiny house is this big window with the breakfast counter.

From the inside, you can enjoy the surrounding nature. A counter was set up to have a drink outside with your friends or family. You can have several chairs, enough to receive your guests!

The interior also reserves some surprises. It is both cozy and very beautiful.

The eclectic decoration brings an additional charm to the place. However, it's important to not clutter tiny houses with big decorations.

This tiny house has a sleeping loft, which is always a good way to save space. The television was also hung to the wall to save even more space.

Upstairs, there is a place cozy and comfortable area to sleep. If the house is not very large, it is however quite long and has everything you need.

The kitchen is fully equipped with stove and a fridge. There is even space for dogs.

The bathroom also has a washing machine, which is very convenient, let's be honest.

Even if the interior seems a little clutter when you see it, it is still quite harmonious.

In addition, the house has several windows to let in natural light.

The good thing is that you can receive at least six people for a party. The counter on the outside is the greatest project of the house.

To conclude, tiny houses will not stop surprising us! They are more and more original and this a new way of life.

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Source: Smaller Living · Photo Credit: Smaller Living

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