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This mother of two couldn't afford a big mortgage, so she built a small house for $ 10,000!

This mother of two couldn't afford a big mortgage, so she built a small house for $ 10,000!
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A beautiful story of determination!

Life often throws us curve balls, and we must do everything we can to get ourselves back on track.

When a mother from Australia (with her two children) saw her marriage collapse, she found herself in a precarious situation.

The divorce left her facing homelessness. Buying a home was simply not as affordable as it once was, and Charlotte Sapwell was told that to get a house, she would have to take out a $ 400,000 mortgage.

Charlotte wanted to start her new life with her two children, but with such a large debt, it was difficult for her to feel stable and secure.

Charlotte refused to be burdened by a new mortgage, and instead came up with a clever solution that would prevent her from getting into debt.

A tiny house of 10x20 foot

With her grandfather's support, and her children as motivation, Charlotte built a 10x20 foot tiny home.

She went from a woman who could not afford rent to a woman who owned her own house in just five months!

$ 10,000

Charlotte used her grandfather's property and woodworking knowledge, but in the end, she built the entire space by herself. and it cost her only $ 10,000; money that her grandfather loaned her.

It took her about five months to build the small house that includes a combined living space, a kitchen, a bathroom and a space with a bed for Charlotte, and a second bedroom for the kids.

Children's bedroom

Giving her boys a closed bedroom meant that Charlotte shared her room with the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The boys room is small but it is cute! Keep in mind that Charlotte did not have much money to realize her project.


As Charlotte's skills continue to grow, she has been giving the home upgrades, by creating this sliding barn door for the children's room.

Charlotte's space

Charlotte's bed is in the main room. She does not have a closed room but at least she has a roof over her head and that's the most important for her.

For her children

She even used her new skills to create fun toys for her kids, including this ice cream stand that they often pretend is the shop Charlotte bought her building supplies from.

This is so cute !

Impressive !

Charlotte says that the experience has helped her see that she's not the only single mom who has experienced financial strain when it comes to housing.

Charlotte has documented her experience, including her divorce, the construction of the house and the consequences of this adventure on her Facebook page.

We congratulate her because it is not always easy to face situations like this and Charlotte has taken up the challenge of continuing her life in a small house that meets her needs instead of letting go to distress.

A little company

Charlotte liked the process of building her tiny house so much, that she plans to set up a tiny-house construction company; her grandmother is the first who wants to buy one of her creations! Charlotte is now doing well and she works on her project while repaying her grandfather who has so generously helped her.

What do you think of this beautiful story of determination?

Source: Diply · Photo Credit: Diply

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