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This old bus from the 60's is now used for visitors.

This old bus from the 60's is now used for visitors.
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More and more alternative and unique homes are popping up all over the world. It seems that people are becoming more and more creative in the way they build them; using shipping containers, old trucks and old buses.

The transformation of this old 1968 bus will certainly impress you!

People pay to spend a weekend here.

Are you curious to visit the inside? I was, and I discovered a beautiful transformation!

I wish you a good visit!


The kitchen is tiny but has everything you need to prepare a simple meal or warm a cup of tea. There is a gas stove, but the rest of the bus's electricity comes from the solar panels.

All kitchen cabinets and countertops were handmade with oak. There is also a sink and a mini-fridge so customers can store their foods.

Dining Area

Looking towards the front of the bus, you will discover the driver's area that has been turned into a lovely dining area. Imagine yourself enjoying a good meal or a glass of wine while admiring the hills (this bus is located in the British countryside).

If you rent this bus, you'll have fresh-cut flowers, every day.

4 people

This hotel is located in Radnorshire, Wales. It is surrounded by hills, wild animals and beautiful flowers. This unique hotel can comfortably accommodate up to four people.

It is good to know that there is plenty of space on the land for extra guests, to set up tents outside.


The gorgeous bedroom is on the opposite side of the kitchen; the king bed is the width of the bus. This is well decorated, what do you think?

Living room

The living room has a large L-shaped sofa, that also unfolds to serve as a double bed. Did you notice how bright this bus was? Its residents have a great view of nature and surrounding hills. There is even a wood-burner!


You are probably wondering where is the bathroom? Do you need to use the toilet? No problem, go to the little hut next door, which has been transformed into a charming bathroom!

The bathroom has a rustic charm and has a bathtub and a wood-burner to keep the room warm during cool nights and the coldest months! Wow!


When guests don't enjoy the inside of this lovely house, they can enjoy the brazier and the wooden terrace. Look at this beautiful landscape!

Lovely, isn't it?

Did you expect something like this? I would spend a weekend there without any problem! It's so well decorated and it's functional too!

OK, it's a bit too far for a weekend, but this old bus is a fascinating example of the new hotels that are now available for travelers. It must be a unique experience to sleep here, right?

I hope you liked this bus called, Majestic Bus.

Source: Home hacks · Photo Credit: Home hacks

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