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This small village drawn from a fairy tale really exists!

This small village drawn from a fairy tale really exists!
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The village of Giethoorn

Have you ever heard of this famous Dutch village surrounded by canals?

This unique village in the Netherlands was founded in 1230 by fugitives who had escaped from the Mediterranean. It has since been called "Venice of the Netherlands".

City-dwellers use boats regularly in the canals.

This rural village is located in the Overijssel province, and was originally a nature reserve. The people who settled in this place have preserved its rustic beauty, and have kept the place relatively untouched by modern development.

Would you live in a village like this?

It's like being in a fairy tale! Take a look!

The "Venice of the Netherlands"

There are no roads in Geithoorn for cars. There are only lovely canals that lead everywhere, surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

2,500 inhabitants

The village of Geithoorn (located in the Netherlands) has a year-round population of 2,500. If you thought find roads, for cars, you will not find them here! There are only cycle paths for bicycles and meandering canals punctuated with quaint cottages with thatched roofs.


The residents of Giethoorn use canoes, kayaks or silent motor boats to move around the narrow canals. There are no loud motor boats permitted.

Finally a place that respects the tranquility of people.

180 bridges

There are about 180 bridges connecting the little islands on which the houses are built. I do not know if you are like me but, I really like this village! What a dream place!

Lovely little houses!

Residents are very proud of their history and unique setting, and each house is meticulously well maintained. These houses are really beautiful!


You may have wondered what was happening with the residents during the winter?

They have snow here, in fact: the canals often freeze over!

The locals have adapted, however, by using ice skates to get around in the frozen months.

Restaurants, small shops etc.

Besides the cottage homes, Giethoorn features several museums, restaurants and artisan shops that cater to tourist.

Summer is the best time to admire these adorable homes.

Would you live in this village?

Admit that it must be funny to live in a village like this! It's like being in a fairy tale!

I invite you to leave me your impressions about this little village! What a dream place,don't you think?

Source: House crazy · Photo Credit: House crazy

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