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This tiny house will charm you with its decor!

This tiny house will charm you with its decor!
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Do you like tiny houses?

This tiny house in Charleston, South Carolina, has weatherboarding exterior cedar planks that reminds us of the little houses of the South. The house is painted pale blue with white trim and has planters on the windows. A cuter exterior doesn't exist.

The open concept interior includes a kitchen, a full bath, two bedrooms and a spacious living room. One of the two mezzanines is accessible by a staircase that has storage under the stairs.

As a tiny house, I'm almost certain that this one will charm you with its exterior but also with its interior that I invite you to visit.


The exterior of this tiny house catches the eye and invites us to discover what lies within. The tiny homes often have a very square and linear exterior but this one offers a nice appearance with its small front patio and its window planters.


Upon entry, the tiny house reveals its personality. I feel like discovering more, don't you?


The kitchen is very small, but it is well stocked! The room has a tiny stove, a good size refrigerator and a microwave. You may find that the underside of the sink is open for easier access to storage below. I like this kitchen, you?

Living room

Finally a living room with a real couch that seems comfortable! We see so many tiny houses that have armchairs that look so uncomfortable!


This tiny house has two bedrooms. They are facing each other. One is accessible by a staircase (which has storage under the steps) and the other by a ladder against the wall. A kind of footbridge connects the two rooms.

The rooms still offer a nice amount of headroom.


The bathroom is under one of the bedrooms. I only have one photo to show you but we guess that a shower is hidden behind the blue and white curtain. I love the interior of this house, it feels like we're away on vacation!

Do you like it?

Do you find that the outside of the house reflects its interior well? It's a very pretty atmosphere, right? I invite you to leave me your comments! I would live in a house like this for the holidays, no problem, and you?

Source: Idesign arch · Photo Credit: Idesign arch

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