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This very original and unique hotel lets you sleep in these giant wine barrels

This very original and unique hotel lets you sleep in these giant wine barrels
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A unique hotel !

Have you heard of this hotel where you can sleep in a giant wine barrel ?

This hotel is located in the small town of Stavoren, in the Netherlands. This property offers you to spend the night in one of 12 giant barrels, which have two sizes: either 15,000 or 23,000 liters. It must be quite weird, but do not worry, the interior is perfect !

Would you like to experience sleeping in a place like this ? We must admit that it is a unique experience ! Wine lovers may want to stay here ? Who knows ?

Take a look ! You will see what this establishment looks like.

Good visit !

The hotel De Vrouwe Van Stavoren

The hotel, De Vrouwe Van Stavoren (this is the name of the hotel), wants to please wine lovers while making them discover this charming city and its culture. It's not everyday that we can sleep in a huge wine barrel !

A unique experience

Each barrel is nicely decorated to provide a comfortable stay to its visitors.


This picture gives you an idea of the interior. It's very typical ! There is obviously a lot of wood, since the barrels are made of wood. I would say this rather unique hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway !


What people need to know is that the bedroom is in the barrel but the bathroom and amenities, no. Residents then have access to a superb modern bathroom as you can see on the pictures.

Living room

The suites, which are more expensive, also feature a nice seatiing area, located outside the barrel. The bedroom is typical and located inside the barrel but the rest of the room, no.

Other photos

This a great concept ! The bedroom is very typical but there is still the comfort. It costs about $ 150 to $ 200 to sleep in a barrel, depending on the size of the barrel you choose.

The hotel has very good reviews on the booking sites.

What do you think of this concept ? I could see a hotel like this in Quebec !

Source: Ipnoze · Photo Credit: Ipnoze

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