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This village in Canada is selling pieces of land for only 1 dollar

This village in Canada is selling pieces of land for only 1 dollar
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A piece of land for 1 dollar!

Have you always dreamed of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city to settle in a beautiful, secluded cabin or a cozy cottage in the woods?

Well, the small village of McAdam in New Brunswick could be the answer to your prayers. This second-largest bilingual province in Canada is often overlooked, yet it has beautiful forest areas and lakes ... and the McAdam community wants you to move into their beautiful village.

For only $1,yes 1 dollar,you can buy a fully serviced lot in McAdam, New Brunswick, without any conditions ... or almost.

The parcels of land range from 5 300 square feet to 11 000 square feet. This leaves you plenty of space for a large garden or a large backyard ... or just to build the mansion you've always dreamed of.

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Friendly people

Everyone knows that the hospitality of the people who live in the Maritimes is world renowned and it seems that the people of McAdam are no different.

The village has spent two years acquiring all the land there, spending about $2500 per lot ... that means you'll get a nice rebate of $2499. The only condition is that you must build your home on the property within two years allotted. So you can give up all your plans to buy the land for a dollar, then sell it and make money off of it.


Near Maine

McAdam is located right on the border of Maine, making this town perfect for small trips to the United States. The village is also a short drive from Fredericton, the nearest major city. You are also just a two-hour drive from St. John and the beautiful Bay of Fundy. This town offers you four very important elements in the choice of land: nature, the city life, the sea and the United States which are very close!

Why 1 dollar for a piece of land?

Mayor Ken Stannix explained that the village had decided to sell these lots for only $1 in order to expand and grow. The McAdam Community Action Group also hopes to achieve more than just a financial return, as it expects innovative ideas and a sense of renewed energy from newcomers to help revitalize their community.

Many people seem interested in leaving the stress of the city to settle in the countryside away from pollution and noise. The Mayor of McAdam has received calls from as far away as British Columbia. This photo does not really represent the village of McAdam but rather serves to illustrate the kind of life you can live in the countryside.

First come, first served

The mayor wants to say that the lots are sold to the first people who take the steps to acquire land; first come, first served!

He also commented that at least 5 lots have already been claimed. He has received more than 150 calls since the city recently announced the sale of land. For more information and to view the lot map, visit

You can then find more information on this interesting project!

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