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This windmill built in 1767 now houses a unique home

This windmill built in 1767 now houses a unique home
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Here is the tour of a truly unique house! This windmill was built in 1767 on the Seigneurie de Vaudreuil Estate. The windmill was saved from destruction by the Col. Robert Maillet in 1954.

The colonel dismantled the windmill, stone by stone, and rebuilt it on his estate, where it still can be found today.

The mill changed owners after the colonel's death and was turned into a house in the early 80's.

Each floor of the mill is circular in shape (obviously) with stone walls 3 to 4 feet thick. Very interesting architectural details can be viewed, such as: a floor with wide slats, alcoves and exposed beams that give the house (mill) a lot of character.

If you've always dream,ed of living in a different style of home, this could be your chance to make that dream come true!

We will tell you what the asking price is only at the very end of the tour!

A beautiful spiral staircase and a glimpse of the dining room greets visitors upon first entering this house. You can already feel the unique atmosphere of this very original home.

Dining room

I don't know about you, but I love this exposed brick wall! The nice dining room opens onto a small, fully functional kitchen.

Dining room, continued...

These photos allow you to see another corner of the room and have a view of the entrance to the house.


The kitchen is small, yes, but it still offers a nice space to prepare meals. The style of decoration is obviously very similar to the rest of this unique house.

The kitchen, other angle
These photos allow you to see another angle of the same room.
Living room
The living room is on another floor of the mill. The room, with good dimensions, offers a beautiful space to entertain.


Did you know that the mill has 3 bedrooms? This room still offers a nice space and lots of storage (look at the two closets). Do not, however, expect to have closed bedrooms, due to the ergonomics and unique architecture of the mill.


The house even has a nice little balcony to admire the view! This mill (house) is located on a piece of land of 23,226 square feet.


The house has only one full bathroom but it also has a washroom I really did not expect to see such a modern-looking bathroom in this house!

Other floors of the mill
Another bedroom can be found almost at the top of the mill.

Last floor

The next residents will be able to customize the top floor of the mill to their liking.


The property also has an oversized garage with a heated studio above it. What a beautiful place to create!


This residence even has a room that serves as office space. Space is definitely not something that is lacking on this property.


These photos show you the famous 3-4 feet thick walls.

The price.

It is good to know that this property is NOT historical because it was dismantled and rebuilt on a different piece of land. It is thus not subject to provincial protection for historic buildings.

Do you suspect what the asking price might be? They are asking $499,999 for the purchase of this incredibly unique house. Would you enjoy living in a home such as this one?

For more information on the house, click on the link at the bottom of the article.

Source: Remax Quebec · Photo Credit: Remax Quebec

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