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This woman spent 3 years transforming this bus and the result is spectacular!

This woman spent 3 years transforming this bus and the result is spectacular!
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An incredible project!

Instead of searching for her dream home, Jessie Lipskin decided to create it. Scrolling through eBay, Jessie fell in love with a 1966 GMC bus (the same model Keanu Reeves Drove On "Speed").

She instantly bought it ! She spent the next few years converting the vehicle into a house on wheels, and the gorgeous results display all the effort she put in the project.

Jessie explains that her nontraditional home was inspired by the pursuit of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Discover the transformation of this bus; you will be charmed by this one !

It only remains for me to wish you a good visit !

The interior

Here is what the bus looked like before the transformation. You have to be visionary to be able to see the potential of it.

Find the right people

The most difficult thing was to find the right people to help her complete the transformation of this bus.

"I love DIY, however, I don’t have experience with plumbing, electrical, carpentry needed for this project, " explained the young woman.

A challenge

The big challenge was to adapt to this bus; working on it was totally different than renovating a house.

The young woman had to constantly take into account the movement (since the bus would go on the road) in addition to taking into account the angles of the bus (for slanted style windows). This made the carpentry design more difficult.

The painting

The outside of the bus has been painted for a more interesting look.

The result is spectacular!

What do you think of this bus now? I'm not sure if you agree with me on this point, but I think it is sensational!

The decor

The young woman decorated her bus with elements that made her feel more at home than in a bus!

The kitchen

What do you think of the choice of colors and materials? I think this place is even more beautiful than some apartments!


The bedroom of this bus looks so comfortable and cozy! The bedroom even has a little "library" !


This wardrobe is just one portion of the closet. This one extends to the left and to the right of the space. There are also some storage everywhere on the bus.

Well equipped

The bus provides everything needed to live in comfort; whether in the kitchen with this modern fridge / freezer, the stove and the huge kitchen sink or in the bathroom with the shower of good dimensions.

Would you live in this bus?

What do you think of the idea of living in this bus? Isn't it splendid? We can easily see that the young woman has put her heart into the realization of this project!

Source: Bored panda · Photo Credit: Bored panda

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